Winkie is Loved by 001

Winkie earlier today
Winkie earlier today

As you know, the Dons are the most popular club in the country, and Peter ‘Pete Winkie’ Winkelman is not only the most popular chairman in the lower leagues, he’s possibly the most popular man in football altogether.

But just how widespread is Winkie’s fame, and who loves Winkie? We’ve carried out some more research this week, and we can now say that:

  • Prince George
  • George Doors
  • Diana Dors
  • Diana Rigg
  • Ronnie Biggs
  • Colin Brigg
  • Phil Collins
  • Phil Buster
  • Buster Keating
  • Buster Douglas
  • Douglas McArthur
  • Ellen McArthur
  • Ellen Page
  • Paige Hathaway
  • Anne Hathaway
  • And all the cast from the film version of ‘Les Miserables’

All really, really love Winkie.

Unfortunately there were two people we didn’t manage to get a response from this week. Ima Moron, from the accounts department at Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce, was too busy number crunching to justify where exactly the reported 10-15 million pounds of extra revenue to the city will be coming from with the arrival of Chelsea FC to answer the phone, and Pete was still rubbing his hands together in glee.

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