We’re Starting This Week – The MooCamp Radio Show

The MooCamp Radio Show - It's Like an MK Dons Fanzine for your ears
It’s Like a Fanzine For Your Ears

Starting on Wednesday 13th November at 9pm on www.secklowsounds.org, we’re immensely proud to announce the launch of The MooCamp Radio Show.

The MooCamp Radio Show lifts the lid on the world of the MK Dons, has a shuffle around, pokes fun at the bits that look interesting and pretty much ignores everything else.  Each week we’ll bring you a combination of great tunes, football chat and the sort of humour that we should all have grown out of a long time ago.  If you’ve ever wondered which of our players is descended from seagulls, or if you’ve ever wondered just what or who is more ginger than Lewie, then you’re in the right place.

You can take part by text, facebook, twitter, ESP or smoke signals – each week we’ll bring you the questions that really matter and ask you to give us the answers.  It saves on research you see.

For details on how to get involved, go to The MooCamp Radio Show and to listen online, go to www.secklowsounds.org 

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