We’re Back! The MooCamp Radio Show – Tonight at 9pm

Spleen Lewington
Spleen Lewington

Happy Christmas, New Year, 3rd Round and all that.  We’re back!  Having spent the festive period lazing in the sun/driving furiously around the country to see relatives/lying face down in the gutter in an alcoholic stupour (I’ll let you choose who is who there) The MooCamp Radio Show is back tonight at 9pm on Secklow Sounds with all that’s new in the world of the MK Dons.

We’ve got all the excitement of the Christmas fixtures crammed into a single hour, we’ve got new features, old features, stunning music (too much of it of course) and the sort of witty banter that every now and again almost works, so if you want to hear Luke Chadwick’s beauty tips, or learn what’s more masculine than Darren Potter’s tache then tune in at 9pm – www.secklowsounds.org

The question of the week this week is a simple one:

Izale – yes or no?

We want your input, because it means we have to do less pretending, so get in touch and let us know your answer by:

See you later peeps.




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