The Roundabout of the Week 19/03/2016 – Clue 2

It’s Roundabout of the Week time once more – each week Modders goes out to see what’s happening at one of the 3,426 beautiful roundabouts in Milton Keynes and picks one at random and describe it to you in all it’s splendor.

We’ll bring you a number of clues throughout the week – all you have to do is use your cunning and guile to establish which Roundabout we’re referring too, and let us know.

Your first clue is a picture clue:

The Roundabout of the Week
Clue 1


Your second clue is also a picture clue:

Clue 2
Clue 2

Get those thinking caps on – so get in touch via the usual channels and let us know just whereabouts is this weeks ‘Roundabout of the Week’?

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