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The Kingston Independent Supporters Association (KISA), is naturally disappointed that AFC Kingston will have to play Milton Keynes, because it forces us to deal with the contradictions between the stance we’ve asked others to take in the past, and our current desire to attend this match, however hypocritical that might make us look.

This fixture does however, demonstrate the phenomenal successes of AFC Kingston in the past ten years and proves unequivocally to those in Milton Keynes that with bile, vitriol, a ready-made fanbase, someone else’s ground and those all important media contacts, that a football club can be taken from the lower levels of non-league football into or back to the Football League, even if that’s just for a couple of seasons.

After careful consideration of the fact that large numbers of our fans have already decided to take the hypocritical path and attend the match, KISA has decided not to formally request a boycott of the fixture by Kingston supporters. It would be a bit daft really when all is said and done. KISA asks Kingston supporters to individually reflect on the history of our Club, our achievements and the reasons why we asked everyone else to boycott the Dons, before making their own informed individual decisions about how they should act at the first opportunity they have to do the same.   This way we can take the credit for those who don’t attend, while not publicly criticising those who do. Frankly we’re disgusted at you all, but we won’t say it publicly. Keep an eye out for the upcoming registration of though. Turncoats.

KISA would like to thank all football supporters, who from 2002-2007 supported the WISA and Football Supporters Federation (FSF) boycott of games played by the  Milton Keynes Dons, a sacrifice that we have clearly forgotten, which is the only possible reason why so many Kingston supporters will, at the first opportunity, be attending a game played by the Milton Keynes Dons.

KISA welcomes the statement by AFC Kingston and supports the initiatives that they have put into place, to ensure that those hypocrites that want to attend the match against Milton Keynes Dons are able to do so in a safe and organised manner. KISA also welcomes the fact that the Directors of AFC Kingston will not be accepting hospitality at this fixture, as they’ll be receiving various forms of relief from our friends in the press before the match, and lets be honest, turning down a burger will really show the Dons that at least our hypocrites have some principles. Just not any that actually matter.

Chorlton Wheeler, Chair of KISA said:

‘This is a fixture that very large numbers of Kingston supporters want, as not only are they hypocritically queuing up to attend, they’re also bringing large numbers of friends with them, which will ensure that the MK Dons will receive the maximum revenue possible.  This fixture is a result of MK Dons continued growth and success over the last eight years, and while it is incredibly embarrassing for us that so many customers from Kingston will be involved, we don’t see this fixture as a big grudge or rivalry match, but as one that everyone who has ever boycotted or even heard of them before should attend with us. Though we’re really not sure why.

For ten years now, KISA has been campaigning to keep our name in the media, with particular reference to airbrushing the fact that we perhaps jumped ship a little early from the history books.

In recent years, KISA has repeatedly asked that Milton Keynes Dons drop ‘the Dons’ from their name. KISA believes that it has the right to call for the name of any club to be changed if it contains any of the letters that are in our name.  Proceedings will be beginning soon against every club in the football league soon. Probably.

Chorlton Wheeler, added:

‘Why are those involved in that Club, so proud of the name Milton Keynes that they use it in the name of their football club?  Why haven’t they altered their name to one that would better describe a town outside of their local community? That’s what we do after all, and we’re the future of football!  Why do they continue to brandish Dons around when they know that it’s very inconvenient for us?  Its a tag which is associated with the move of Wimbledon FC to Milton Keynes, and accurately describes the history of the club, so obviously it should be dropped at once. It is of course amusing that the frenzy that Pete Winkelman promised might finally bear fruit at this long-awaited match. And we get to be part of it!!!!

The irony has not been lost on football supporters across the land that Winkelman is not prepared to allow a bunch of hypocrites who are too full of their own self-importance to change the name of his football club, yet is being criticised for this by the very same people who keep going on about the importance of the fans.  It’s as if I don’t realise that the crap I keep spouting might just be applied to me as well. Oh bugger. I guess I’m just as much of a hypocrite as those who are going to the match. Can you save me a prawn sandwich Winkie?’

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