Tenuous Links – Ginger Baker and David Martin

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In which we, the overseers of all things related to the Dons, take two seemingly unrelated topics and show you how they are indeed related.

This week, we show you exactly how Ginger Baker and David Martin are, indeed,  seamlessly entwined.

  • Ginger baker was the periodontally challenged drum maestro from ’70s supergroup Cream
  • Tiramisu is an Italian desert made of cream which literally translates in English to ‘pick me up’
  • Something  that picks you up can be called a hoist or a lift
  • A person who accepts lifts off others is known as a hitchhiker
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was a comedy starring a character named Ford Prefect
  • The Ford Prefect was a car once driven by none other than Prince Edward
  • And….. Edward is the middle name of Dons’ goalkeeping supremo Dave Martin

I thank you.

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