The MooCamp Radio Show

The MooCamp Radio Show – Tonight at 9pm

Two Left Feet - The MooCamp Radio Show
Guess Who?

It’s that time again!

The MooCamp Radio Show will be broadcasting live on at 9pm UK time this very evening.  If you’re even tempted to watch New Tricks instead, then we’ll know and we’ll tell on you.

Tonight we’ve got a whole load of the usual rubbish, plus some new rubbish!  Seriously!  We might end up talking about last night as well, which could be interesting.

As usual, we want your input, so have a guess at the roundabout of the week, have your say in who’s more ginger than Lewie, play RobboBingo with us, or just tell us to shut up.

You can contact the show by semaphore, EsP or smoke signals if the wind’s in the right direction,or, alternatively, you can use rather more conventional methods. You can contact us on, tweet us on Twitter #TheMoocamp to interact with us,  email us-, or you can text direct to the studio on 07848 93 03 96.

Laters people.



Season 1 - 2013/14 The MooCamp Radio Show

Episode 1 – The MooCamp Radio Show

The MooCamp Radio Show - It's Like an MK Dons Fanzine for your ears
It’s Like a Fanzine For Your Ears, but with too much music

Well that was fun!

Episode one of The MooCamp Radio Show went out on earlier this evening and, while it was a little chaotic at times, we had some fun.  Thanks to those who listened live, thanks to those who got involved by text/phone/email/tweet and thanks to those who took the time to take the piss out of us afterwards – that’s what makes the it all worthwhile.

If you weren’t able to listen live, either due to technical problems, or due to the fact that you’ve got a life, then you can download or listen to it below. If you did listen live and you want to listen to it again, then I guess that’s ok too, though I’ll probably judge you.  But just a little.