Kaboom! The MooCamp Radio Show – Issue 2.34 – Listen Now!

The one after the Swindon game. Issue 34 of the difficult second season for The MooCamp Radio Show, and we bring you the excitement from the away demolishment of both Swindon Town and Mark Cooper, along with the total football display that was the first half against Scunthorpe. We’ve got a double length Franchise Watch, … Read more

The MooCamp Radio Show – The Paul Harris One!

The one with Paul Harris – live in the studio! Really! The MooCamp Radio Show issue 2.33 – that’s 33 issues this season, and still going. We talk about the delight that was the Fans Forum, we muse on the upcoming over-priced trip to Swindon, and we mention next Tuesday’s visit of Scunthorpe in passing. … Read more

Listen Now! The MooCamp Radio Show 2.24 – It’s good :-)

The return of Young Alby. And Twilley. The show where we review the victory over t’Barnsley lot, we mull over the draw at Scunthorpe and look forward to the trip to Crewe, albeit rather briefly. Because none of us are going. Except possibly Twilley. And Alby. Anyway, outside of that stuff, we’ve got the next … Read more

Hip Hip Hooray – The MooCamp Radio Show 2.23 – Listen Now

The one without Young Alby again, and without Nick, Twilley or any of the other willing replacements. We discuss the wonders of Nigel, both in attitude and fashion sense, and even watch him live displaying poor attitude and fashion sense. Which must have made great radio. We discuss the victory over the blades, the upcoming … Read more