Radio Show Gallery Updated

The much feared ClemenWinkie earlier today

Just a quick note – I’ve just been through the radio show gallery and updated the links to some of the shows that had become unavailable, so if you want to have a listen to any of the shows we’ve put out over the last few years, then they’re all up there.

If you’re surprised that an international media conglomerate such as ourselves could possibly have shows becoming unavailable, then once you’ve sobered up, here’s why it happens. Without going into too much detail, our shows are initially uploaded to the Secklow Sounds Spreaker site.  That’s where we link to, and where you can stream or download the show from within a couple of hours of live broadcast.  After a few weeks or months, the Secklow Spreaker site will delete older shows to free up space and keep costs down – as soon as I’m aware that any of our shows have been deleted, then I’ll upload them to our own MooCamp Radio Show Spreaker site.  I’ll then rebuild the links in the original posts to point to the long-term home of the shows.

If you happen to come across any shows where the recording is showing as deleted, then it’s either because I don’t know it’s gone yet, I haven’t had time to correct it, or I can’t be bothered.  You won’t know which one it is (though regular readers may be biased towards that latter option) so feel free to drop me a line and let me know.


Season 1 - 2013/14 The MooCamp Radio Show

Issue 17 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Download Now

Issue Seventeen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

It’s a Modders free zone this week as car trouble leads him to miss the one opportunity he was going to get to say ‘hand’ for an away match. He did text and tweet it though. We’ve got the first ever joint roundabout of the week, and it’s not even a roundabout. Or in Milton Keynes. And loads of other stuff – the Healer Paul Heald, and more. On the footballing side we talk about the Gillinham defeat, the glorious trip to Stevenage and we talk about the impending visit of thousands of Wolves.

Music this week came from The Divine Comedy and Ride, and the missus didn’t even listen. Just goes to show, something or other probably.

The MooCamp Radio Show – scream it to yourself when you’re at work.

The MooCamp Radio Show

The MooCamp Radio Show – Tonight at 9pm

Two Left Feet - The MooCamp Radio Show
Guess Who?

It’s that time again!

The MooCamp Radio Show will be broadcasting live on at 9pm UK time this very evening.  If you’re even tempted to watch New Tricks instead, then we’ll know and we’ll tell on you.

Tonight we’ve got a whole load of the usual rubbish, plus some new rubbish!  Seriously!  We might end up talking about last night as well, which could be interesting.

As usual, we want your input, so have a guess at the roundabout of the week, have your say in who’s more ginger than Lewie, play RobboBingo with us, or just tell us to shut up.

You can contact the show by semaphore, EsP or smoke signals if the wind’s in the right direction,or, alternatively, you can use rather more conventional methods. You can contact us on, tweet us on Twitter #TheMoocamp to interact with us,  email us-, or you can text direct to the studio on 07848 93 03 96.

Laters people.