Buy The MooCamp Radio Show Scripts 2014-15

Buy it here Relive the MK Dons entire 2014/15 promotion season through the eyes of a group of idiots who really should know better but clearly don’t. Join in with Franchise Watch from your favourite armchair. Educate yourself using The Lexicon of Chav from your kitchen table. And take part in The Roundabout of the … Read more

The Roundabout of the Week – w/c 19/3/2016 – Clue 1

It’s Roundabout of the Week time once more – each week Modders goes out to see what’s happening at one of the 3,426 beautiful roundabouts in Milton Keynes and picks one at random and describe it to you in all it’s splendor. We’ll bring you a number of clues throughout the week – all you have to … Read more

Tenuous Links – The MooCamp Radio Show and Samir Caruthers

In which we, the overseers of all things related to the Dons, take two seemingly unrelated topics and show you how they are indeed related. This week, we show you exactly how The MooCamp Radio Show and Samir Caruthers are, indeed,  seamlessly entwined. The MooCamp Radio Show won’t play live this week. Neither will Samir. I … Read more

Huhuhuhu – The MooCamp Radio Show 3.08 – Listen Now!

Issue 8 of the decidedly sexy third season of The MooCamp Radio Show finds us in buoyant mood, perhaps due to a Daniel Powell wonder strike grabbing a point in the dying seconds of Saturday’s match against Bristol City. We dissect the season a little and decide that we’re a mix of calm, happy, disappointed, … Read more

Download Now – The MooCamp Radio Show 2.19 – 10th December 2014

The one with some of Richard and toothache. We talk to Shortcut App supremo Richard, we discuss the less than impressive performance against Chesterfield and the upcoming trip to Preston. We have a gorgeous episode of The Lexicon of Chav, a trip into the wider football world in Winkie is Loved by, we hear what … Read more

Issue 2.07 – The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now!

The one after the Barnsley and Bradford games. We talk about the excitement and anguish of the 5-3 and the frustrations of the 1-2, along with a brief chat about the upcoming visit of the boys from Crewe. We discuss whether Luke Ashmead is Jesus, we look at where Robbo is supposed to be leaving … Read more

Issue 2.06 – The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now

The MooCamp Radio Show manages to put on a show when there hadn’t been any football to talk about. Exciting or what? We discuss the upcoming Barnsley match, we forget to discuss the Bradford match, we discuss what we did at the weekend and we mention the JPT draw once or twice. Or maybe a … Read more

Issue 2.05 – The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now!

The one with nothing to look forward to, but everything to look back on. Which was nice. The MooCamp Radio Show – the only MK Dons Radio Show worth listening to, and indeed the only MK Dons Radio Show. We talk about the visits of Crawley and Leicester, the upcoming football-free weekend and Saturday’s JPT … Read more

Issue 2.04 The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now!

The one after the Man Utd match. The 4-0 Man Utd match. Yup. 4-0. We talk about the Coventry match a bit, but mainly the Man Utd match. We barely mentioned the upcoming Crawley match. Sorry. But we did also mention the Man Utd match a few times. The 4-0 Man Utd match.We also take a … Read more

Issue 2.03 The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now

The One Where We Don’t Say 3-1 Quite So Often Issue three of what has recently been described as “the only Dons Show worth popping in to every now and again” so you really ought to have a listen. This week we talk about the trip to Posh, we pretend we went to Chesterfield so … Read more