Happy Heel of God Day

Happy Heel of God Day There aren’t many days of the year that can be set aside for simple celebration.  Even Christmas Day is becoming just like any other day for many people, but that’s not the case with Heel of God Day.  Heel of God Day is the one day when all followers of … Read more

Stand Tall and Stand Proud

My beloved fellow Dons fans, this Sunday will be a momentous day. There are many amongst our visitors who have used the build-up to this match to try further their own agendas.  There are many who have used it to attempt once again to exert pressure and influence over our club.  The friends that they … Read more

That KISA statement in full

http://www.wisa.org.uk/cgi/l/articles/i … how&id=63 The Kingston Independent Supporters Association (KISA), is naturally disappointed that AFC Kingston will have to play Milton Keynes, because it forces us to deal with the contradictions between the stance we’ve asked others to take in the past, and our current desire to attend this match, however hypocritical that might make us … Read more