Brando’s Blog – End of Season Review – 2015/16

Robbo - one of us

Well that wraps it up for 2015/16 then.  Quite a season really. It was a season that started with a degree of hope, a sense of belief, built on last season’s general wonderfulness, and a feeling that, unless something truly awful happened, we would probably be alright.  It all started so well too – that beautiful … Read more

Gets on Sunday – It’s The Hope That Kills You – 27/03/2016

Gers on Sunday

Since our inception, Milton Keynes Dons chairman and owner, Pete ‘Winkie’ Winkleman, has had one mantra. Actually he has had many, but one always stood out head and shoulders, pun intended, above the others. ‘Planning for The Championship, dreaming of The Premiership’. And finally on a spring Sunday afternoon, eleven years after our controversial birth, … Read more