Season 3 - 2015/16 The MooCamp Radio Show

Lololololol – The MooCamp Radio Show 3.16 – Listen Now!


The MooCamp Radio Show 3.16 - Listen NowThe one with the whole team back together!

Happy new year! The MooCamp Radio Show brings greetings to all connected with the MK Dons, whether by love or by hate, but never by indifference. Never I tell you.

We revisit the joys of the stupidly expensive trip to Leeds, and all that entailed, including possibly the best/worst own-goal you’ll ever see. We’ll look forward to our trip to the Cobblers in the FA Cup and we’ll drop a couple of lines in the direction of Burnley’s far more important visit in the League on Tuesday.

We have a round up of your worst christmas presents in the question of the week, no less than THREE new chants, a surprisingly easy Roundabout of the Week and the return of Tenuous Links.

We’re inundated by your texts and tweets, and frankly struggling under the weight of the Facebook post. A bumper double edition of Franchise Watch with a couple of corkers in there too. Frankly it’s a cracker of a show, which is a rather rubbish attempt at Christmas humour.

Music came from Little Anthony and the Imperials, and didn’t come from Abba because we ran out of time.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like Christmas never stopped, but simply got worse and worse each week.


Season 3 - 2015/16 The MooCamp Radio Show

Brap – The MooCamp Radio Show 3.06 – Listen Now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.06 - Listen Now!The one after the international break.

Issue 3.06 of The MooCamp Radio Show hits the streets, and we bring you our musings on recent trips to Middlesbrough and Burnley, and we ponder the impending excitement of the visits of Leeds and Southampton.

We preview one of the finest chants ever to grace ours or indeed any terrace, we talk about ships, submarines and their respective locations in, above or under the water. We take a meander through the delight that is Franchise Watch Avenue, and generally enjoy ourselves while we do it.

Music came from The Spitfires, which bearing in mind Modders chose it, and it was rather good, was therefore quite remarkable. Even if it does sound like The Ordinary Boys.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s as if strikers have yet to be invented, and therefore everything is going to be alright.