Roundabout of the Week 19/03/2016 – The Reveal

Bottledump Roundabout
Some Bottles Today

Clue one was Black. Could this be indicating a colour, or nothingness?

Clue two was a picture of a crushed beverage lid, for a container made out of glass.

And, Clue three was a piece of discarded rubbish.

Now, if you put them all together you should have got a roundabout right on the outskirts of Milton Keynes on the A421, standing all alone – and it was obvious from the other two clues that it was Bottle Dump Roundabout!

No winners this week although a special mention must go out to Frank from Monkston for his guess of Dark Kerb Grass roundabout, although we’ve neither any idea where that is, or even what Frank was drinking when he sent in his guess!

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