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Season 3!  Does the world know no better?

Issue 3.19 – 27th January 2016

The one before the long hiatus. And the one before the Chelsea game. And the one with the balloons.

Issue 19, Season 3 of The MooCamp Radio Show brings you balloons galore, predictions, reviews, balloons, healing, bovril, Bootsie and genuinely more. We review the depressing afternoon that was our trip to Bolton, and we preview the upcoming visit of a certain team from somewhere in London.

Chelsea – that’s it – we discuss the likely hammering, and make like it won’t matter, then realise that it probably won’t, because we’ve got balloons. Balloons I tell ya.

We get a little bit maudlin, because it’s the last show from our current studio, but then we get a little excited because by the time we return we’ll be ready for FM.

Music came from David Bowie, with a little bit of Depeche Mode in the background if you’re prepared to listen carefully.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like we’re not going to know what to do with ourselves for a couple of months – what about you?

Issue 3.18 – 20th January 2016

The one after the Cobblers again.

Join us on The MooCamp Radio Show as we revel in consecutive victories over Reading and Northampton Town. Laugh with us as we revel in all the money the Cobblers fans have given us, and celebrate with us as we look forward to the 4th round home tie against Chelsea.

We’ve got your answers to the Question of the Week, and we pose an additional question – SemiColon or Appendix – the choice is yours. Because that’s the sort of thing we do. We bringyou a rubbish song from Alby, a football fact from Gers and a lot of S-Club 7 along the way.

Music came from David Bowie and the aforementioned Bradley, Jo, Rachel and the other ones.

The MooCamp Radio Show – because sometimes even being a Dons fan isn’t enough on its own.

Issue 3.17 – 13th January 2016

The one where Radar popped in and Bowie popped off.

Issue 17 of the tricky third series of The MooCamp Radio Show finds us with little positive to talk about football-wise, and the loss of a music god impacting on us all. Oddly enough, we still managed to have a rather fun time, helped splendidly by Mr Radar making his first trip into the studio.

We talk about the lows and lows of Northampton away, smoke, argy-bargy, the lows and very lows of Burnley at home and we look forward with some trepidation to the visits of Reading and the Cobblers. More importantly, we discuss the upcoming visit to Fulham with our fans using seemingly countless ways of making their way there – Mr Radar Kayak, one half of the famous Kayak brothers joins us because Bootsie couldn’t be bothered.

We have smoke-related questions and answers, plentiful Franchise Watch submissions, lots of texts, tweets, roundabouts, links and occasional hilarity amongst the presenters.

Music came from David Bowie. And David Bowie.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like nobody ever dies.

Issue 3.16 – 6th January 2016

The one with the whole team back together!

Happy new year! The MooCamp Radio Show brings greetings to all connected with the MK Dons, whether by love or by hate, but never by indifference. Never I tell you.

We revisit the joys of the stupidly expensive trip to Leeds, and all that entailed, including possibly the best/worst own-goal you’ll ever see. We’ll look forward to our trip to the Cobblers in the FA Cup and we’ll drop a couple of lines in the direction of Burnley’s far more important visit in the League on Tuesday.

We have a round up of your worst christmas presents in the question of the week, no less than THREE new chants, a surprisingly easy Roundabout of the Week and the return of Tenuous Links.

We’re inundated by your texts and tweets, and frankly struggling under the weight of the Facebook post. A bumper double edition of Franchise Watch with a couple of corkers in there too. Frankly it’s a cracker of a show, which is a rather rubbish attempt at Christmas humour.

Music came from Little Anthony and the Imperials, and didn’t come from Abba because we ran out of time.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like Christmas never stopped, but simply got worse and worse each week.

Issue 3.15 – 30th December 2015

The Return of Young Alby – This Time It’s Personal!

Issue 15 of season 3 of The MooCamp Radio Show – the MK Dons Radio show that talks about the MK Dons on the radio. We relive the delights of Cardiff at home, the disappointments of Birmingham away and we look forward to the stupidly expensive trip to Leeds and the unwanted trip to the Cobblers.

We discuss bottlegate, handballgate, newphonegate, Margate and garden entrances of all kinds, and we hear about your Christmas presents – god we’re bleeding edge we are.

The world tells us how much they love us in Franchise Watch, we celebrate the lives and deaths of some musical icons and we can’t work out whether something should be edited or not. I’m going with not at the moment, though I’m sure that someone will let me know if that’s not correct.

Music came from Motorhead, The Specials, Barnes and Barnes and Teach-In, so sit back and enjoy.

The MooCamp Radio Show – if you’d unwrapped it on Christmas morning, you’d not be fed up with it till at least Boxing Day teatime.

Issue 3.14 – 23rd December 2015

The One with the Dukes of Uke

The Christmas Special of The MooCamp Radio Show brings you a feast of football, music and the inane ramblings of Brando and Gers, which bearing in mind you’ve paid nothing, is immensely good value.

We pick apart the recent matches against Ipswich Town, Sheffield Wednesday (we won that one!) and Notts Forest, and we also wax lyrically about our trip to our latest local Franchise – the boys from Buckingham Town. Who aren’t from Buckingham any more. It’s our way.

We round up the ratings of the footballing world in Franchise Watch, we bring you a live ukulele terrace chant for our very own Christian Benevente, we round up your Christmas tune recommendations in the Question of the Week, all thrown into an odd-shaped pot with your texts and tweets.

Music came from The Waitresses, and a performance of Merry Christmas Everybody, Live in the studio from the Dukes of Uke.

Modders and Alby who?

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like Christmas, but without all the naps.

Issue 3.13 – 9th December 2015

The one where we came back from our holidays. The MooCamp Radio returns with all the excitement from the games that have happened recently, which means a draw against Fulham, a draw against Wolves and a defeat against Brentford. Exciting stuff eh?

We also talk about National HOG Day, the sponsors evening, the upcoming FA cup match at the Cobblers and this week’s visit of Ipswich Town. And our post-Ipswich trip where we’re all walking to Buckingham Town in Bletchley. It all makes sense really.

Along the way we’ll get your answers to the Question of the Week, the most stunning roundabout of the week to date, a new chant, a tenuous link and genuinely loads more. It’s like if we take a few weeks off, we’ve got enough material to fill a show!

Music came from The Pixies, Longpigs and Bernard Cribbins and one of those isn’t real.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like you’ve had a gap in your life, but weren’t sure what it was until we came along and filled it.

Issue 3.12 – 11th November 2015

The One Where Uncle Paul Came Back For A Visit

Issue 12 of season 3 of The MooCamp Radio Show – the MK Dons Radio Show that likes standing at the best of times, but loves standing in front of the terminally seated.

We revisit the highs, lows and mediums of our trip to Brighton, the warm welcome that we received, and the seemingly endless series of discussion points to not get too heated about. We get Paul Harris to sing us a song, we get Gers to tell us a fact and we get Modders to tell us a joke to our punchline, which he managed to do remotely.

We share some fantastic Franchise Watch entries from the Brightony and Charltony people, we look forward to our upcoming matches and realise that there aren’t any, so instead we prove that we have no idea who’s likely to get called up for international duty, and who’s fit enough anyway.

Music came from Devo, Barnes and Barnes (of course), Go West for which I apologise, with a smattering of ABC bubbling under the surface.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like another language, but one where you can understand about a third of the words.

Issue 3.11 – 4th November 2015

The one that was just a jump to the left.

The ONLY MK Dons Radio Show on the planet, and quite possibly anywhere else, brings you our thoughts on the loss against Hull, the victory against Charlton and the impending trip to Brighton.

We talk to MKDSA Chairman Adam Faiers about a seemingly endless list of things, all of which we understood and liked. A lot. Especially the shirt.

Along the way we bring you masses of Franchise Watch, Adam pretends to be a chav and Gers tells us facts, because he can. Music came from Alvvays and Earth Wind and Fire, which is a pairing that’s not often seen outside of the lower leagues.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like friendship, but without all the bitterness and distrust.

Issue 3.10 – 28th October 2015

The one after the QPR shenanigans.

The only MK Dons Radio Show returns from our annual mid-October break to discuss the highs, lows, sighs and woes of our victory over the boys from the Blackburn, and our defeats away at Huddersfield and QPR.

We go all musical with the Question of the Week, we get a pretty rubbish song from Alby, and we get inundated with texts, tweets and snapchats from octogenarians from Coffee Hall. Which is an odd thing to type but even odder to witness.

Music came from Barnes and Barnes, which I guarantee will be sitting in the back of your mind, nagging sweetly for years to come.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like fighting had never been invented.

Issue 3.09 – 14th October 2015

The one after Didcot and Dele.

Issue 3.09 of The MooCamp Radio Show brings you our views on Dele’s England debut, we look forward to the visit of Blackburn Rovers and our midweek trip to Huddersfield Town. And we talk about what we did at the weekend, but that’s a given – who wouldn’t?

We get your thoughts on what’s good about international breaks, we round up the latest abuse coming our way in Franchise Watch and we hear the angelic tones of our own Aled Jones, as Young Alby brings us yet another new chant.

Music comes sadly from Camera Obscura and more happily from John Grant.

The MooCamp Radio Show – we’re not sure if we really exist, but if we do, then we’d really like to see some proof.

Issue 3.08 – 7th October 2015

Issue 8 of the decidedly sexy third season of The MooCamp Radio Show finds us in buoyant mood, perhaps due to a Daniel Powell wonder strike grabbing a point in the dying seconds of Saturday’s match against Bristol City.

We dissect the season a little and decide that we’re a mix of calm, happy, disappointed, not disappointed and not really sure what we’re talking about. Which is nothing new really.

We hear your tales from the light and dark side of football stewarding, and generally wax lyrically about joyous days of yore, and when we used to win matches.

Music came from Hooton Tennis Club, which is a good thing, and we didn’t have time for the Bombay Bicycle Track I’d lined up, so maybe next week.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it may be on it’s last legs, but it’s going to go out smiling

Issue 3.07 – 30th September 2015

The one after some defeats, but where all was surprisingly cheery.

We dissect the home defeats against Leeds, Southampton and Derby, and briefly look forward to the trip to Bristol City. That’s a whole lot of goals against, just a couple for, but a general feeling that if we keep playing the way we are, then we’ll be fine.

We bring you another beautiful chant from the terraces, we bring the first use of the word odious in some time in Franchise Watch, and for no readily apparent reason we appear to attempt to impersonate Alan Bennett very badly. Which we did rather well I guess.

Lots of your favourite defeats in the Question of the Week, your texts and tweets, live updates from the home of football in Brackley and the return of the bloke from Blackpool. Music came from Dead Hope and King Kurt.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like love, but a little easier to bring about without spending lots of money.

Issue 3.06 – 16th September 2015

The one after the international break.

Issue 3.06 of The MooCamp Radio Show hits the streets, and we bring you our musings on recent trips to Middlesbrough and Burnley, and we ponder the impending excitement of the visits of Leeds and Southampton.

We preview one of the finest chants ever to grace ours or indeed any terrace, we talk about ships, submarines and their respective locations in, above or under the water. We take a meander through the delight that is Franchise Watch Avenue, and generally enjoy ourselves while we do it.

Music came from The Spitfires, which bearing in mind Modders chose it, and it was rather good, was therefore quite remarkable. Even if it does sound like The Ordinary Boys.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s as if strikers have yet to be invented, and therefore everything is going to be alright.

Issue 3.05 – 2nd September 2015

The Insensitive One

The MooCamp Radio Show brings you the highs and lows of Saturday’s home defeat to Birmingham City, we review the performance or otherwise of our newer signings, and we pretend that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to internationals.

We bring you masses of your answers to the Question of the Week, we get fascinated by Franchise Watch, surprised by Spot the Ball and fall in love once again with The Lexicon of Chav.

Throw in the usual texts, tweets, ‘who’s listening from furthest away’ boasts and music from Dredge and you’ll end up with a delightful show with which to merrily while the evening away.

The MooCamp Radio Show – if it wasn’t free, people would be asking for it on prescription.

Issue 3.04 – 26th August 2015

The Anniversary Show. 4-0. Yup.

Issue 3.04 of The MooCamp Radio Show allows us to wallow in nostalgia for the glorious night exactly one year ago when we demolished one of the biggest names in world football. That’s Man Utd btw. We’ll also look back on last Saturday’s trip to Reading, last night’s victory over Cardiff City and this Saturday’s impending visit of Birmingham City.

Along the way, we’ll have the greatest football chant in the history of the world itself, we’ll have Spot the Ball on the Radio, the return of The Roundabout of the Week, and more delightful insight from the footballing world in Franchise Watch.

Throw in your texts, tweets, faces, tweets and everything else, and you’ve got something rather delightful. Music came from Mammoth Penguins. That’s all we had time for – too much action. Can you remember when we used to have six tracks in each show?

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like this time last year, but once a week, every week.

Issue 3.03 – 19th August 2015

The one where we were just 43 matches from the playoffs.

Issue 3.03 of The MooCamp Radio Show, and we bring you the lows of the home defeat against fellow Championship new boys Preston, and compare them to the highs of the home victory against seasoned Championship stalwarts Bolton. Highs and lows etc.

We mention Neil Lennon once or twice, and his big mate too, we talk briefly about UpperTierGate and we look forward to the upcoming trip to Reading and the visit of Cardiff.

On top of that, Gers rounds up what’s happening on the forums, we hear from Modders once more on his travels, and of course we have all of the stuff that you, our beloved listeners, send in too.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like that part of the film where you can’t quite work out whether it’s brilliant or terrible.

Issue 3.02 – 12th August 2015

The one that’s been put in the corner, and doesn’t whinge and whine like a spoilt child.

The first surviving, but second broadcast issue of Season Three of The MooCamp Radio Show. We talk with great frivolity about the victories over Rotherham and Leyton Orient, and marvel at the fact that, first game or no, we’re top of The Championship. Us! Lols a plenty.

Gers gives us a roundup of what’s been happening on the forums, Modders sends yet another desperate plea for attention, and we eavesdrop on the MK Dons Supporters Association Committee Meeting. Because we know how to live. Honest.

Music came from Slaves, with a little of the New Seekers thrown in for good measure, but that was all we had time for, we were having that much fun.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s back, and it’s absolutely no different to before. Except for slightly less Modders.

Season 2!  And we thought it would never happen!

Issue 2.38 – 6th May 2015

The one where we’ve just been promoted!

The last show of series 2 of The MooCamp Radio Show – the MK Dons radio show that knows what it feels like to get promoted, and it likes what it knows.

We talk about the buildup to Sunday, we talk about Sunday’s match and we talk about the aftermath of Sunday’s match. But most of all we talk about how much we seem to have annoyed the rest of the world by getting promoted.

We talk about the hugs, the tears, the cheers and the total disbelief at what happened, and we’ll talk about just how much we deserve it, and how great we are. Seriously – very great – that’s how great.

There seriously wasn’t enough time to share all the great stuff that we’d planned, but that was because we spent so much time on Franchise Watch, and that was absolutely the right thing to do.

We got promoted! We’re in the Championship!

Music came from Primal Scream, The Dukes of Uke, Primal Gers, The Thompson Twins and Curtis Mayfield.

The MooCamp Radio Show – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and we’re all off to Ibiza for the summer, so have a great one, and we’ll see you for the pre-season friendlies.

Issue 2.37 – 29th April 2015

The one before the Yeovil match.

Episode 37 of the delicious second season of The MooCamp Radio Show, which is either the second from last, the third from last or the fifth from last show of the season. Try getting that sort of info from the Radio Times (other listing magazines are available).

We’ll talk at length about Robinson’s Pirate Army at Rochdale, with added drama and smoke bombs. We’ll briefly look forward to Sunday’s showdown where we’ll be being Yeovil, while wholeheartedly being Colchester till it’s three.

We’ll talk about the Player of the Season awards and how great it was, along with a bumper Franchise Watch, the return of the right voice for the Lexicon, and the most hotly contested roundabout of the week we’ve ever had.

Music comes from Art Brut and McAlmont and Butler, so you can say ‘ciao – that sounds like a lot of money’. Or something.

The MooCamp Radio Show – more nervous than you’d think, but still feeling pretty confident.

Issue 2.36 – 22nd April 2015

The one with the little secret.

We wax lyrically about the mauling of Leyton Orient, and we’ll pause to savour the delight of the destruction of Doncaster Rovers. It’s been a good week for The Dons and we’ll raise a glass to Dele and Patrick for their success at the Football League awards too.

We’ve got an extended ‘Here’s the Answer, What’s the Question?’, a delicious list of people who adore our Chairman as much as we do, and we’ll also bring you possibly the finest Franchise Watch so far.

We’ve got a surprising amount of texts and tweets given the rather special circumstances, and as usual, you’re more entertaining than we are.

Music came from The Meteors, which had me wrecking in my seat.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s getting close to the end of the season, so enjoy it while you can.

Issue 2.35 – 15th April 2015

The Leon Legge Memorial Issue

Issue 35 of The MooCamp Radio Show season 2, where we discuss the dullness that was Port Vale, the satisfaction that was Fleetwood and the sheer jubilation that was Gillingham’s equaliser against Preston.

We struggle on bravely in the absence of Young Alby as he owes us a pint, so went out to work/snooker/fight instead. We have a celebratory Glaswegian Lexicon of Chav, your answers to the pressing question of the week, and some great new entries for Franchise Watch.

Music came from Al Wilson courtesy of a Northern Soul driven drive to Port Vale and the occasionally wonderful Mr David Sylvian.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s right where the excitement is, and that’s where it’s going to stay. Probably.

Issue 2.34 – 8th April 2015

The one after the Swindon game.

Issue 34 of the difficult second season for The MooCamp Radio Show, and we bring you the excitement from the away demolishment of both Swindon Town and Mark Cooper, along with the total football display that was the first half against Scunthorpe.

We’ve got a double length Franchise Watch, which may or may not be connected to the fact that we beat Swindon at their place. We totally fail to get any of the Duran Duran stuff in, so guess what’s coming up next week? We’ve got a disgruntled Young Alby who hasn’t quite got over Uncle Paul (there’s a phrase that will keep counsellors in couches for years to come) and we’ve got other stuff too.

Music came from Public Enemy and Sonic Youth, which shows how hip and trendy we are.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like entertainment, but less interesting.

Issue 2.33 – 1st April 2015

The one with Paul Harris – live in the studio! Really!

The MooCamp Radio Show issue 2.33 – that’s 33 issues this season, and still going. We talk about the delight that was the Fans Forum, we muse on the upcoming over-priced trip to Swindon, and we mention next Tuesday’s visit of Scunthorpe in passing.

We’ve got Paul Harris live in the studio, which means that the traditional mass of Facebook posts will be missing, but we come out on top by getting ‘Uncle Paul’ to do the Lexicon. Oh the joys 🙂

Music comes from Talking Heads and The Stone Roses, which really shouldn’t be grumbled at.

The MooCamp Radio Show – becoming more and more like Channel 5 with every issue.

Issue 2.32 – 25th March 2015

The one where Alby genuinely couldn’t read.

The MooCamp Radio Show issue 2.32 talks about the recent victory over Notts County, the postponed visit of Doncaster Rovers and anything else that springs to mind.

We bring you answers, sibling rivalry, we bring you the return of the healer himself – Mr Paul Heald, and we hear just why Lieutenant Dan isn’t going to be on the show this week. Along the way we immerse ourselves in the media to get an outsiders perspective on all things Franchise and we generally enjoy ourselves.

Music comes from Sham 69, which brings about the earliest recorded mention of that Man Utd game (4-0 I think) to date, and Blur, which doesn’t.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like you’ve got a friend, even when you don’t want one, and especially when you don’t need one.

Issue 2.31 – 18th March 2015

The one with more Ks than is usually the case.

The MooCamp Radio Show brings you issue 31 of this exciting season, where we discuss the draw at Walsall, the victory at Oldham and ask ourselves whether we’re back on track again.

We share someone else’s Tenuous Link, we fail to ask Lieutenant Dan about Oldham and we hear your views on when one is better than none. In amongst all of that, we hear from people who can’t spell Secklow, people who can’t spell Robinson and people who simply can’t spell, but who have a laptop.

Music comes from Adam Ant and Sugar, which wouldn’t have been too bad if Modders hadn’t chosen the Adam Ant song.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like taking a relaxing bath in the town square on a Saturday afternoon, though we’re not sure exactly why.

Issue 2.30 – 11th March 2015

The one after all the negativity.

The MooCamp Radio Show discusses the disappointment of the MK Dons against Preston, we ask just what’s going wrong at the moment, and we look forward to the trips to Walsall and Oldham. Well we discuss them. We’re not going, so its not all that important really.

We bring you the pick of the MK Dons views, news and shoes (no idea what that means) – we bring you the Franchise Watch, the Roundabout of the Week, we give you the answer and you give us the question, and we bring you all your own texts and tweets and stuff.

Music came from Morphene – just the one tonight, though we did have a bit of Liquidator in the background during Franchise Watch. And Land of Hope and Glory while Gers ranted over the top, which could become something of a theme.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like a relative that you know you dislike, but when you know you’ve got too much in common to ever tell anyone just how much.

Issue 2.29 – 4th March 2015

The Return of the Chav

The MooCamp Radio Show issue 2.29, where we discuss the defeat at Coventry, the disaster against Chesterfield and the impending disaster against Preston. Which is nice. Spleens are vented, words are had and general glumness fills the studio.

‘Here’s the answer, what’s the question’ returns by popular request, along with ‘Where’s Robbo Going This Week’ and Lieutenant Dan’s Excuse of the Week. And Alby too.

We spend our time doing what we usually do, which is taking the mickey out of everyone and everything, so you don’t have to, which is pretty nice of us to be honest.

Music came from The Sultans of Ping FC and The Smiths – beat that if you can.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like the real world, but just a little bit odder.

Issue 2.28 – 25th February 2015

The one after the sacking of whatsisname.

We discuss the delights of the visit of Posh in great detail, make poor jokes about the departure of the son of rednose and generally have a good time. We talk about the trip to Cov and we briefly mention the visit of Chesterfield.

Twilly gets all Chavvy, (is there two vs in Chavvy or one?), Modders takes a nap and Gers watches the football, so no change there really. We talk about top Dons moments, new signings and sibling rivalries, which makes this probably the most wonderful radio show on air. On secklow sounds this evening. Between 8 and 9.

Music came from The Bay City Rollers and The Magnetic Fields, which is about as eclectic a mix as you’ll find round these parts.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s why the close season was invented.

Issue 2.27 – 18th February 2015

The one after TwitterGate.

We chat about the less than wonderful thrashing at Gillingham, the return to form with a victory at Colchester and we realise that we’re playing Posh on Saturday, and we hadn’t really noticed. We welcome back Gers and celebrate the return of Twilley.

We muse about Young Alby playing Snooker instead of going to work like he’d told us, we continue to encourage the sibling rivalry between Carolyn and Lisa and hear Twilley do a pretty damn good impersonation of the chavmeister himself in The Lexicon.

Music comes from the late Steve Strange and the never early Style Council, which is a bit of an 80s fest when all is done.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s more entertaining than many illnesses and much cheaper. 

Issue 2.26 – 11th February 2015

The one without Gers, but with extra added Twilley.

Issue 26 of the difficult second season of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we discuss the best 0:0 we’ve seen in years, the best save all season, the worst pitch in a generation, and look forward to visits to places we’re probably not going to go to.

Bristol City, Bradford City, Gillingham and Colchester City. Four clubs in a single show? That’s great value.

We have the return of ‘Lisa or Carolyn?’, another glorious episode of The Lexicon of Chav and a Franchise Watch that went on too long. Much too long. And we started skipping bits before we got to the last page.

Anyway, masses of question of the week responses, some of which were very funny, and many of which were Paul Harris. And Scott McGregor.

Music was bought to you (eventually) by Transmission Vamp and The Verve, which is probably more music related Vs than we’ve had in a very long time.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s the juice that squirts out of a peach when you take a bite. It’s a bit special, but you know you’ll have to change your shirt afterwards.

Issue 2.25 – 4th February 2015

The 50th Anniversary Special Extravaganza Issue – so special we had a massive studio audience.

The one where we talk about our new loan signings, both of whom seem rather familiar. We discuss the 5-0 mauling of Crewe, an away match which Alby remarkably gets to say ‘hand’ to and we all predict a victory against Bristol City on Saturday.

We dust off Lewie, we bring you the longest and most specialest Winkie is Loved By so far and we introduce Lisa vs Carolyn as a new bloodsport. There’s the usual mix of texts, tweets, Facebook rants and features, all wrapped up in a half-century of love and affection.

Music? Who needs it? Not us – not even a full track tonight, so we had two thirds of a White Lies track and that was it – how far have we come?

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s starting to be really, really good fun.

Issue 2.24 – 28th January 2015

The return of Young Alby. And Twilley.

The show where we review the victory over t’Barnsley lot, we mull over the draw at Scunthorpe and look forward to the trip to Crewe, albeit rather briefly. Because none of us are going. Except possibly Twilley. And Alby.

Anyway, outside of that stuff, we’ve got the next in Gers’ managerial fashion critiques, the return of Young Alby to his true Lexiconic home and lots of your texts and tweets. We’ve got a question, a joke (a very cool one this week – jokes are cool) a roundabout with a stunningly clever and therefore genuinely wrong suggestion and considerably less stuff than was in the script.

Music came from Goldfinger (?) and The Velvet Underground, rather than Nene and McBusted, which can only be a good thing.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like slippers for your heart.

Issue 2.23 – 21st January 2015

The one without Young Alby again, and without Nick, Twilley or any of the other willing replacements.

We discuss the wonders of Nigel, both in attitude and fashion sense, and even watch him live displaying poor attitude and fashion sense. Which must have made great radio. We discuss the victory over the blades, the upcoming visit of Barnsley and next Tuesday’s trip to the Iron.

Fashion – turn to the left etc. Chav. Lexicon. Bootsie. Winkie being loved. Which sounds weird. Texts, Tweets, Defenders of the Franchise and Anthems. Again. We repeated stuff this week without meaning to. Without meaning to.

Music came from Stump, which was a sensational way to start the show, and The Smiths, which was a rather grand way to end it, even if I do say so myself.

The MooCamp Radio Show – enjoyed by more people than I’ve got ten pound notes. But not that many more.

Issue 2.22 – 14th January 2015

The one with Twilley, Nick and Charlie.

We chew the fat over the departure of young Benik Afobe, we discuss the excitement and hilarity of Crawley away, including Teagate and Izale. We also take a look at the upcoming visit of young Master Clough and his Blades on Saturday.

We dip into the world of fashion with Carl Baker’s Tea Couture, Young Alby stand-in Twilley does the Lexicon of Chav and Twilley and Nick join us for a fairly lengthy Franchise Watch. All the usual features are there too, and we even have a couple of correct guesses for The Roundabout of the Week.

Music came from A Flock of Seagulls, who are Gers’ favourite band.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like staring at people when they don’t know you’re looking. You know it’s wrong, but it feels so right.

Issue 2.21 – 7th January 2015

The one just after Chrizzle.

We have a veritable feast of football to discuss, and discuss it we do – we talk at length about the 7-0 against Oldham, the 0-1 at Notts County, and at considerably less length about the 0-3 and 0-1 at home to Walsall and Chesterfield respectively.

We hear about your resolutions in the question of the week, we get cryptic on your asses in the Roundabout, and even the joke has a festive flavour. We bring you the latest from Old Bootsie, Bovril, Chavland, Winkie-Loving and much, much more.

Music came from Green Day and King Kurt, the former being the best track that Modders has ever suggested and the latter being better than that.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like history never happened, but nobody cared.

Issue 2.20 – 17th December 2014

The Christmas Extravaganza Replay Issue!

The one where we talk about the valiant point away at Preston, the upcoming visit of inconvenient Oldham and Adam Faiers phones up to talk about pictures and biscuits.

We’ve got a festive Question of the Week, a Dutch-themed Roundabout of the Week and possibly the finest Lexicon of Chav so far. We work our way through masses of texts and tweets, mostly in the wrong order and we generally have a lot of fun (again) while we’re doing it.

Music comes from Catatonia and appropriately from Dan Hartman.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like central heating for your feet and ear muffs all in one.

Issue 2.19 – 10th December 2014

The one with some of Richard and toothache.

We talk to Shortcut App supremo Richard, we discuss the less than impressive performance against Chesterfield and the upcoming trip to Preston.

We have a gorgeous episode of The Lexicon of Chav, a trip into the wider football world in Winkie is Loved by, we hear what the world is saying about us and we hear about your guilty pleasures in the Question of the Week.

Music comes from The Lemonheads, The Longpigs and Eels (of God).

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s familiar enough to be comforting, but still has the power to disturb.

Issue 2.18 – 3rd December 2014

The one for National HOG Week.

We talk about 6-0, 1-0, 2-1, 4-0 and just about everywhere inbetween. We talk about the annihilation of Colchester, the winning dirty at Sheffield United, the upcoming visit of Chesterfield in the cup and The Heel of God.

We hear from Old Bootsie, we have more from the Lexicon of Chav, we have masses of answers to the HOG Day based question of the week and even greater quantities of what people have been saying about us.

Music comes from Kasabian and The Jam, which shows just how wide our appeal is – we’re not just about the 70s and 80s you know. Except for The Jam.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like National HOG Day each and every week, and it’s lovely.

Issue 2.17 – 26th November 2014

The one with The Jesus and Mary Chain in the background.

Issue 2.17 of The MooCamp Radio Show where we discuss the victory over Port Vale, the draw with Rochdale and the upcoming visit of Colchester. And the win over Manchester Utd. And Ali Gerba.

We see just who loves our Chairman in Winkie is Loved By, we find out who would be first on your team sheet in the Question of the Week, we cryptically challenge you to identify this week’s Roundabout of the Week and discuss the allegedly nefarious actions of our programme sellers.

Music comes from the delightfully named Nerfherder, Japan and The Jesus and Mary Chain, even if we did have to put them on while we were talking.

The MooCamp Radio Show – more fun than attacking a mild skin irritation with sandpaper. Listen now.

Issue 2.16 – 19th November 2014

The one with a stand-in Lexicon.

Issue 16 of season 2 of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we talk about what we did at the weekend, we discuss the possibility of Spurs moving to Stadium Colon MK for a season or two and even get a few minutes to talk about football and the upcoming Port Vale match.

We spring a Lexicon on Darren Hoy, which he copes with magnificently, we have a morse code excuse from Lieutenant Dan, masses of texts from MK and London and you tell us who you’d like to bring back to the club.

Music came from Japan (covering a Barbara Streisand song no less) and The Killers (not covering a Barbara Streisand song, though we won’t hold that against them).

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like life, but squished into a thimble so there’s no room for any of the dull stuff.

Issue 2.15 – 12th November 2014

The one with Shut Up.

We talk about the recent win over Port Vale in the cup, we discuss the season so far and where we’re going to end up, and we muse on the upcoming second round tie at home to Chesterfield.

We replace Modders with Keyser Soze for the evening, we hear from Grigg and Baker the Master Bakers, we dabble with roundabouts, links and bovril, tell jokes and we give your (yes your!) texts, tweets and facebooks the platform they truly deserve.

Music comes from The Lotus Eaters and The Divine Comedy, with random snippets from Five Star and Japan, which is both odd and reassuring at the same time.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s what Wednesdays were invented for when there’s no decent football on. Probably.

Issue 2.14 – 5th November 2014

The one where we finally got to play The Cure (but only by putting it on first).

Issue 2.14 of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we discuss the visit of Swindon, the visit by the Kingston lot, the MKDSA FIFA night and the upcoming trip to Port Vale.

We get more insight from the gutter in The Lexicon of Chav, Paul Heald pops in to use his healing powers once more and we continue the remarkably popular Joke of the Week series, along with your thoughts on Daniel Powell and lots more.

Music comes from The Cure and David Bowie, which would be a great double act, had they not already played together at Dave’s 50th.

The MooCamp Radio Show – the show that gives you a warm tingly feeling that’s a cross between genuine happiness and having lost control of your bladder.

Issue 2.13 – 29th October 2014

The one that ended up being all about dogs.

Issue 2.13 of The MooCamp Radio Show – we talk about Saturday’s draw with Doncaster (or Scunthorpe if you’re me), we mope about the defeat to Sheffield Utd last night, we ruminate on the weekend’s visit of Swindon and the whole cup thing gets ready to kick off again with a trip to Port Vale.

Your Chav-Speak education continues apace, we hear of a couple or three places who look keen to nick our gaffer this week, and we hear from you about how you got involved with The Mighty Dons.

Music comes from The Jesus and Mary Chain and Gary Numan, which is a collaboration I’d love to see, if only for the bloodbath that would undoubtedly end with Numan crying in the corner.

The MooCamp Radio Show – the MK Dons Radio Show that does less than you’d expect with more than you could possibly imagine.

Issue 2.12 – 22nd October 2014

The one with numerous Fleetwood Mac references, for very tenuous reasons.

Issue 2.12 of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we discuss the joys of the trip to Leyton Orient, the home match against Fleetwood and the upcoming trip to Doncaster.

We also wax as lyrically as we can about Winkie telling Birmingham where to get off and about Robbo taking considerably longer with his farewell wave last night than would usually be the case (the little tease).

We have more from Alby’s Lexicon of Chav, we hear from a listeners kids, we introduce ‘It’s a Punny Old Game’ and then wish we hadn’t and generally try to get through all your texts, tweets, emails and facebooky things.

Music came from Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Spinal Tap, only one of whom is technically a real band, though it’s difficult to be sure which one.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s what Thursday morning drives into work were made for.

Issue 2.11 – 15th October 2014

The one with MK Dons Supporters Association Chairman Adam Faiers (yes THE Adam Faiers).

We talk at length about the exciting stuff that the Supporters Association have lined up, we briefly mention the upcoming trip to Leyton Orient, and reminisce about previous trips there too.

We have our very own M&S styled Lexicon of Chav, the first rejected application for the wall of honour, a first outing for Grigg and Baker the Big Bakers and a whole host of your texts, tweets, facebooks and the like. We exclusively announce the upcoming competition to name the East Stand Bar, and then decide we’re going to call it Lewie’s anyway.

Music came from The Undertones. That was it. Just one track. We couldn’t fit any more in and that was in a week where we hadn’t had a match. I have no idea whether that’s a good thing or not.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like an old friend who you’re happy to have around, but not when any of your new friends are there.

Issue 2.10 – 8th October 2014

The one after the Kingston match. And Yeovil, but none of us went to that.

We talk at surprising length about the match we weren’t at, and we talk at even further length about the match against the Kingston lot. It didn’t feel that bad in the end, and in places was quite funny, so we’ve got enough material to keep going for weeks.

We hear Lieutenant Dan’s excuse of the week, we get the latest from the Bovril forecast, we add another entry to the Over, Above and Beyond wall of honour and generally do loads more stuff. More tweets, texts and Facebook comments than you can shake a stick at. And we shake a stick at them.

Music came from Ash and Morrissey (Get well soon) and didn’t come from The Bluetones, as we talked too much.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like last night never really happened, and gives you the feeling that everything is going to be alright.

Issue 2.09 – 1st October 2014

The one after Bristol City and before Yeovil and Kingston.

Issue 2.09 of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we talk about the drama and eventual disappointment of Bristol City, and the upcoming visit to Yeovil and next Tuesday’s visit from the Kingston team.

We have a hotly contested Roundabout of the Week, masses of texts and tweets from you, our dear listeners, another Tenuous Link, and a whole host of the usual sort of stuff that we do each week.

Music this week comes from X-Ray Spex, R.E.M. and Echo and the Bunnymen, which makes me feel that all is well with the world.

Listen to it, and fill the hole in your life that you weren’t really aware of, even though you knew something wasn’t quite right.

Issue 2.08 – 24th September 2014

The one with both Luke Ashmead, and the disappearing Cult track.

Episode 2.08 of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we talk about the 6-1 humbling of Crewe, the 2-0 victory over Bradford in the 3rd round of the League Cup and we discuss all things Jesus Christ with Luke Ashmead. Quite a show really.

We also hear yet another excuse from Lieutenant Dan, we hear from you (yes you!) about what is likely to go wrong this season, we have some hot roundabout action and we invite Paul Heald to wave his healing hands over our listeners.

Music came from Muse, which it was supposed to but later, from Sham 69, which was exactly as planned, from ELO which wasn’t planned at all, but not from The Cult, which was planned but didn’t happen. Clear? Ok then.

The MooCamp Radio Show – more fun than watching the Man Utd match in a bar full of scantily clad young, nubile females who are all in need of a nice cuddle.

Issue 2.07 – 17th September 2014

The one after the Barnsley and Bradford games. We talk about the excitement and anguish of the 5-3 and the frustrations of the 1-2, along with a brief chat about the upcoming visit of the boys from Crewe.

We discuss whether Luke Ashmead is Jesus, we look at where Robbo is supposed to be leaving us for this week, we chat about how we’ve been described in the media this week and we engage in textual banter with a first time listener.

Music comes from Ride and The Beautiful South, which gives me something of a warm tingle inside.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like having an uneducated cousin who is physically strong. Great to have around, but you’re not likely to admit you’re related to him.

Issue 2.06 – 10th September 2014

The MooCamp Radio Show manages to put on a show when there hadn’t been any football to talk about. Exciting or what? We discuss the upcoming Barnsley match, we forget to discuss the Bradford match, we discuss what we did at the weekend and we mention the JPT draw once or twice. Or maybe a few more.

The Armitage Shanks Memorial Clock gets a few mentions in light of the aforementioned draw, we improve David Martin’s song, we hear from Lieutenant Dan and we do lots of the usual features. We’ve got texts and tweets aplenty, most of which were genuine, and we have a rather good time.

Music came from Morrissey, The Alarm and something call Swedish House Mafia. Cheers for that Modders.

The MooCamp Radio Show – probably the most fun you can have without threatening the ozone layer.

Issue 2.05 – 3rd September 2014

The one with nothing to look forward to, but everything to look back on. Which was nice.

The MooCamp Radio Show – the only MK Dons Radio Show worth listening to, and indeed the only MK Dons Radio Show. We talk about the visits of Crawley and Leicester, the upcoming football-free weekend and Saturday’s JPT Draw which may lead to the resetting of the Armitage Shanks Memorial Clock once again. We might have mentioned the Man Utd match once or twice too. Just for giggles.

We rewrite Will Grigg’s song, we hear more from Lieutenant Dan about why he can’t come on the show, and we take a walk through the mountain of texts, tweets and emails that you, our beloved listeners, are using to send us abuse and hugs.

Music comes from the Courteeners, Ezra Furman and Horse Thief, which is worth the absolutely nothing it costs you to listen to the show alone. Not that you have to listen alone. You know what I mean.

The MooCamp Radio Show – bringing The Franchise to your ears, in a relaxed, but energetic fashion that will warm things.

Issue 2.04 – 27th August 2014

The one after the Man Utd match. The 4-0 Man Utd match. Yup. 4-0.

We talk about the Coventry match a bit, but mainly the Man Utd match. We barely mentioned the upcoming Crawley match. Sorry. But we did also mention the Man Utd match a few times. The 4-0 Man Utd match.

We also take a look at The Lexicon of Chav, What’s on Top of Daniel Powell’s Boots, The Roundabout of the Week, Lieutenant Dan’s Excuse of the Week and loads more. Though nowhere as near as many features as we’d planned. As we kind of got distracted talking about the Man Utd match.

Music this week came from Art Brut and The Damned, and didn’t come from Dennis Wilson, which was planned, but didn’t happen. We didn’t have time you see. We were too busy talking about the Man Utd match.

It might seem like we’re labouring this whole Man Utd match a little, but while for them it’s a match they’ll barely remember, for us, it’s one that we’ll never forget. So we’ll talk about it a bit 🙂

The MooCamp Radio Show – bringing football-related radio into your ears in a fashion that’s quite unique, but isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Issue 2.03 – 20th August 2014

Issue three of what has recently been described as “the only Dons Show worth popping in to every now and again” so you really ought to have a listen.

This week we talk about the trip to Posh, we pretend we went to Chesterfield so we can talk about that and we mention the upcoming Man Utd match a few times too. We didn’t have time to talk about Coventry much. Sorry.We have more from Lieutenant Dan’s excuse of the week, we introduce Tom Hitchcock Presents, we continue to try to make Darren Potter and the Deathly Hellos into something worth listening to, along with loads of input from you, our dear listeners.

Music was provided by Department S, The UK Subs and The Who. Which is good. Honestly.

The MooCamp Radio Show – you know you’d probably miss it if it wasn’t on.

Issue 2.02 – 13th August 2014

The one where we mention 3-1 an awful lot.

The second issue of the difficult second season of The MooCamp Radio Show, in which we discuss amongst other things, the Gillingham match, the upcoming Posh match and even find time to have a few words about the AFC Kingston match. 3-1.

You can also hear The Roundabout of the Week, Darren Potter and the Deathly Hellos, The Bovril Forecast, Tenuous Links and all your other favourites. And the stuff that you’re bored of. Because we can. 3-1.

Music was bought to you by Tubeway Army, The New Seekers and The Smiths, and I’ve got a feeling I’m the first person to ever play a show featuring just tracks from those three artists. 3-1.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like listening to someone playing a beautiful violin solo while bathing in honey. 3-1.

Issue 2.01 – 6th August 2014

The first issue of the difficult second season and what an issue it was. We had new mics, a new desk, a riotous meeting taking place in the studio kitchen that was picked up by said new mics, and we even found the time to have some fun too.

Highlights of the show include Lieutenant Dan’s Excuse of the Week, What’s on the top of Daniel Powell’s Boots, Randall and Hitchcock (deceased) and far more football talk than we usually find time for.

Music was brought to you courtesy of Tatu, The Toy Dolls and The Wedding Present, which seems like a fairly eclectic sort of mix.

If you like your football with a franchise sort of flavour, then you want to listen to The MooCamp Radio Show, so you might as well start here.

Issue 1.23 – 7th May 2014

It’s the last show of the season! Issue 23 of The MooCamp Radio Show – the ONLY radio show for fans of the MK Dons soccerball team.

We talk about the feast of orangeness that was the #orange4lewie celebratory Orient match. No idea what happened on the pitch, but we had a great day. We stretch the boundaries of our technology knowledge and speak to local broadcasting legend Luke Ashmead live on the radio via the electric telephone.

All of that, plus the usual mix of features, texts, tweets and stuff that gets progressively more hurried as the show goes on.

Music came from The Kingsmen, The Kinks and Teach-In, which was a fitting way to end the season.

Thanks for listening – maybe we’ll be back next season.

Issue 1.22 – 30th April 2014

It’s the one before the last one! Issue Twenty Two of The MooCamp Radio Show – and what an issue it was.

We’re the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team, people who’ve suddenly found a huge gap in their lives since the end of Monkey Planet and people who crave the excitement and danger that comes from a poorly prepared live radio show. 

We were light on presenters this week with both one man and his bushwhacker finding alternative opportunities for entertainment. Against such challenging odds, Brando and Modders soldiered on and managed to cover up the fact that they know nothing about football, at least up until the first time we tried to speak about it.

We bring you the roundabout of the week, Robbo’s not fat he’s…, Things more masculine than Darren Potter’s tache and the most tenuous of tenuous links. And loads more obviously. Lots of orange stuff too. #orange4lewie

Music this week came from AC DC, The Clash and Sham 69 which ought to be enough to get some of the old ones amongst you tuning in again next week when we’ll probably play some Abba.

The MooCamp Radio Show – if you could dream up a radio show, then this would be it. Probably.

Issue 1.21 – 23rd April 2014

Issue Twenty One of The MooCamp Radio Show – that’s the penultipenultimate issue of this season to you, and what an issue it was.

We’re the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team, people who popped in because they were looking for the Jazz show and anyone else who’s sitting at home idly passing time until Monkey Planet.

We had a couple of football matches to talk about, some goals, some amusing tales of life on the road with The Franchise and the usual mix ofstuff that seemed funnier when we first wrote it.

Let’s face it, if you’re a Dons fan then you’re not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment, whether on or off the pitch, so you might as well sit back, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. We bring you news, tweets, texts and features, all of which have the express purpose of stopping us making stuff up on the spur of the moment, so thanks for getting involved.

Music this week came from Jilted John and Belle and Sebastian, who probably don’t get played together often enough.

The MooCamp Radio Show – if your standards are low enough, then it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Issue 1.20 – 16th April 2014

Issue Twenty of The MooCamp Radio Show! Twenty!!! We never thought we’d get past the first couple. Anyway, we’re the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team though we seem to be getting more and more listeners from people of a non-franchise persuasion. There’s nowt queerer than folk.

We had a full house for the first time in ages, and used the opportunity to talk at length about how rubbish the whole Crawley experience was. We tried our best to find some positives, but really, really didn’t. Anyway, we did our best to make up for it with more Dons, football and Milton Keynes related features than any other show in the world. Fact. We had Franchise Watch, Robbo’s not fat, he’s…, Tenuous Links, roundabout of the week and loads more.

Music this week came from Green Day and a new hybrid we created specifically for Lily’s birthday called Wombles at Work.

The MooCamp Radio Show – In the world of MK Dons related radio shows on Secklow Sounds, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Issue 1.19 – 9th April 2014

Issue Nineteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team. It’s like we’re growing old gracefully!

The return of Albie, the absence of Dan and the debut of young Tyler makes for a show that was always going to answer some questions. Could we manage to talk about football without Dan? Would Albie be able to read from a script without Dan staring at him? Would Tyler be brave enough to speak live on the radio? For the answers to all of these questions, you’ll just have to listen won’t you 🙂

We look at the rather tenuous link between Darren Potter and Robert DeNiro, take a spin through the wisdom of Old Bootsie and share more from the list of people who Winkie is Loved by. On the footballing side we talk about our trip to the Sky Blue Cobblers of Covhampton, discuss where we’re likely to finish the season, discuss Lewie’s upcoming 500th appearance and look forward to the visit of Crawley.

Music this week came from The Style Council and De La Soul, both of which had been bumped from the schedule in recent weeks and deserved better.

The MooCamp Radio Show – the fanzine for your ears that looks better when it’s written down.

Issue 1.18 – 2nd April  2014

Issue Eighteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team. It’s like a coming of age!The return of Modders and the absence of Albie makes for a stunningly exciting show. We state, for the record, that Robbo’s not fat, and see what help Paul ‘The Healer’ Heald can provide for our listeners ailments, along with the Bovril Forecast and loads more. On the footballing side we talk about the visit of the entire population of Wolverhampton, and our upcoming visit to the Sky Blues of Covhampton.

Music this week came from The Boo Radleys and Buggles, and both of those were requests!

The MooCamp Radio Show – more of a lifestyle choice than mere entertainment.

Issue 1.17 – 26th March 2o14

Issue Seventeen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

It’s a Modders free zone this week as car trouble leads him to miss the one opportunity he was going to get to say ‘hand’ for an away match. He did text and tweet it though. We’ve got the first ever joint roundabout of the week, and it’s not even a roundabout. Or in Milton Keynes. And loads of other stuff – the Healer Paul Heald, and more. On the footballing side we talk about the Gillinham defeat, the glorious trip to Stevenage and we talk about the impending visit of thousands of Wolves.

Music this week came from The Divine Comedy and Ride, and the missus didn’t even listen. Just goes to show, something or other probably.

The MooCamp Radio Show – scream it to yourself when you’re at work.

Issue 1.16 – 19th March 2014

Issue Sixteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

It’s new features aplenty this week as we debut Robbo’s Not Fat and Karl Robinson Crusoe, in amongst the return of Roundabout of the Week and the memorial issue of Luke Chadwick’s Beauty Tips. On the footballing side we talk about the Posh defeat, the upcoming trip to Stevenage, the impending visit of Gillingham and we provide a heartfelt salute to Luke Chadwick.

Music this week came from Sparks, Morcheeba and a little bit of ELO. Surely the show with no music will be just around the corner.

Hum it to yourself when you’re at work.

Issue 1.15 – 12th March 2014

Issue fifteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

This week we had two special guests – Kit Manager Tony Hawkins and former Wimbledon Legend and Dons Goalkeeping Coach Extraordinaire Paul Heald joined us live in the studio. We take advantage of Healdy’s presence and launch a new feature – Paul Heald Heals, we have perhaps the worst Robbo impersonation yet and we talk to Healdy about his upcoming parachute jump to raise money for Willen Hospice ( – get donating). You’ll also hear the usual mix of bits and pieces that made us titter during the week and stuff we made up on the spot.

On the footballing side we talk about the Swindon and Notts County victories and the rather important impending visit of Posh.

Music this week came from Plastic Bertrand and Billy Bragg, which to be honest with you, probably isn’t enough for a show with too much music. Must try harder.

Telepathise or download – the choice is yours.

Issue 1.14 – 5th March 2014

Issue fourteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

The return of Modders. We bring you Luke Chadwick’s Beauty Tips, The Bovril Forecast,Top Ten Footballing Bernards, yet another poorly impersonated Robbo interview and The Question of the Week. On the footballing side we talk about the Sheffield United defeat, the upcoming trip to Swindon and the impending visit of Posh. A lack of foreword planning means we forgot to mention the trip to Notts County in between those two altogether.

Music this week came from The Cure, Green Day, Black Kids and something else whose name escapes me – sorry. Still a good track listing for a football show of such amateurish proportions.

Wire it straight into your brain.

Issue 1.13 – 26th February 2014

Issue Thirteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

In this week’s Modders-less issue we’ve got Things More Masculine than Darren Potter’s Tache, Top Ten Footballing Bernards, Robbo’s potential new loan signings, who Winkie is Loved by and much more. On the footballing side we talk about the Oldham Victory, the defeat against Bradford and the upcoming match against Sheffield United.
Music this week came from The Housemartins, Half Man Half Biscuit and The Libertines, which is a pretty damn sexy soundtrack to any football show.

Listen or download or whatever it is you kids do:

Issue 1.12 – 19th February 2014

Issue Twelve of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

In this week’s surprisingly slick issue we’ve got an exclusive (and of course totally made up) interview with Karl Robinson, Top Ten Footballing Bernards, The Roundabout of the Week, Things More Masculine than Darren Potter’s Tache and much more. On the footballing side we talk about the Oldham Victory, the much better than it sounds 0-0 draw against Preston and the upcoming match against Bradford.
Music this week came from Buzzcocks, The Sundays, and not just Hue but also Cry which says a lot about us. And probably about you too.

Listen or download or whatever it is you kids do:

Issue 1.11 – 12th February 2014

Issue Eleven of The MooCamp Radio Show – the audio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

In this week’s rather loosely assembled issue we’ve got the Roundabout of the Week, a review of the Walsall match by the one member of our team who bothered to go, Luke Chadwick’s Beauty Tips, Winkie is Loved by, a special interview with Karl Robinson and lots of other bits and pieces.
Music this week came from Frankie Valli, Blur, PJ Harvey and a bit of The Maccabees, which is a rather wonderful selection if I do say so myself.

Listen or download or whatever it is you kids do:

Issue 1.10 – 5th February 2014

Issue Ten of The MooCamp Radio Show – the audio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.
In this week’s issue we’ve got an exclusive interview with Robbo, all the gossip from the transfer window and The Bovril Forecast along with Luke Chadwick’s Beauty Tips, Things that are more masculine than Darren Potter’s Tache and loads of other stuff.
Music this week came from Morrissey, Iron Maiden and Blondie, which is so perfectly thought through that it scares me.
Listen or download or whatever it is you kids do:

Issue 1.09 – 29th January 2014

Issue 9 of The MooCamp Radio Show, the audio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.
In this issue, we discuss how nothing much happened on our Saturday off, we introduce Bushwhacker of the Week, we discuss the debacle that was Carlisle, and we take the mickey out of Dan’s hat. Music comes from Talking Heads, Big Country and Lorde.
You should listen, because it’s dead good.

Issue 1.08 – 22nd January 2014

Issue Eight of The MooCamp Radio Show – the audio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.
In this week’s issue we’ve got The Armitage Shanks Memorial Clock, Luke Chadwick’s Beauty Tips, What Really Happens in the Huddle and loads more of the usual stuff.
Music this week came from Green Day, Daughter and Dee-lite, which is the shortest amount of music we’ve ever played. Something’s gone wrong.

Issue 1.07 – 15th January 2014

Issue Seven of The MooCamp Radio Show – the audio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.
In this week’s issue you can hear what actually goes on in the team huddle, what Anthony Kay knows about not getting booked, plus loads more of the usual stuff.
Music by request (see – people do listen!) this week came from The Presidents of the United States of America, The Ordinary Boys, Sisters of Mercy and The Beatles.
If I wasn’t in it, I’d still listen, and so should you!

Issue 1.06 – 8th January 2014

Issue 6 of The MooCamp Radio show from Secklow Sounds – the show that tells you the truth about life following the MK Dons, then makes bits up too.
This show includes Luke Chadwick’s Beauty Tips, What’s More Masculine than Darren Potter’s Tache, Bamford’s Butler’s Farewell Blog, and loads more. Music was brought to you by The Teardrop Explodes, The Beach Boys, My Bloody Valentine and The Primitives.
So it’s worth a listen – ok 🙂

Issue 1.05 – 11th December 2013

Featuring Winkie is Loved By, Tom Flanagan’s Schooldays, The Roundabout of the Week, Where’s Robbo Going This Week and much more. We talk about Dover, Wigan and Wolves, and we bring you delightful tunes from The Smiths, The Sex Pistols, The Violent Femmes and Gary Numan. We even throw in a little bit of Mike Batt at the end when I realise that I’ve mucked my timings up and have a minute and a half to fill. All that can be yours – just have a listen.

Issue 1.04 – 4th December 2013

The one after the Coventry match – Episode 3 (or is it 4?) of The MooCamp Radio Show featuring The Bovril Forecast, DI Waddock, Who’s More Ginger than Lewie, News from the Forums and more of the usual stuff. Music from Cud, The Associates, The Wannadies and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Issue 1.03 – 27th November 2013

Tom Flanagan’s Schooldays, Lewie vs Ed Sheeran, Roundabout of the Week, News from the Forums and much more. Breaking news about the Stadium development, reviews of the Bradford and Colchester matches and a preview of Coventry. Music from The Wedding Present, Marillion (sorry – blame Modders), The Box Ticked and Snow Patrol (it’s our anthem don’t you know). All wrapped up in a package that ignored the timeline, made it up as we went along and still finished dead on time.

Issue 1.02 – 20th November 2013

Is Lewie more Ginger than Greg Rutherford? Where is the Roundabout of the week? What is the Bovril Forecast? A very special Our Tune and lots more, including too much music. Secret Affair, The Cure, The Box Ticked, The Muppets, Guns ‘n’ Roses and McAlmont and Butler. And other random stuff that we thought of while we were talking. And me saying OK too much. 🙂

Issue 1.01 – 13th November 2013

The Live Pilot of The MooCamp Radio Show on 13th November 2013.  Features include “Who’s More Ginger Than Lewie, Roundabout of The Week, New Tricks Alert, Where’s Robbo Going This Week and Old Bootsie’s Guide to Being a Proper Fan.  Featuring music from The Clash, The Who, Art Brut, Ned’s Atomic Dustbins, Spizz Energi and Tubeway Army.

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