Radio Show Gallery Updated

The much feared ClemenWinkie earlier today

Just a quick note – I’ve just been through the radio show gallery and updated the links to some of the shows that had become unavailable, so if you want to have a listen to any of the shows we’ve put out over the last few years, then they’re all up there.

If you’re surprised that an international media conglomerate such as ourselves could possibly have shows becoming unavailable, then once you’ve sobered up, here’s why it happens. Without going into too much detail, our shows are initially uploaded to the Secklow Sounds Spreaker site.  That’s where we link to, and where you can stream or download the show from within a couple of hours of live broadcast.  After a few weeks or months, the Secklow Spreaker site will delete older shows to free up space and keep costs down – as soon as I’m aware that any of our shows have been deleted, then I’ll upload them to our own MooCamp Radio Show Spreaker site.  I’ll then rebuild the links in the original posts to point to the long-term home of the shows.

If you happen to come across any shows where the recording is showing as deleted, then it’s either because I don’t know it’s gone yet, I haven’t had time to correct it, or I can’t be bothered.  You won’t know which one it is (though regular readers may be biased towards that latter option) so feel free to drop me a line and let me know.


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