Over, Above and Beyond – The Wall of Honour

Think you’re a real fan?  Well if you’re names on here, then you might just be – this is the MooCamp Radio Show Over, Above and Beyond – Wall of Honour.  This is where we honour those amongst the fanbase who have gone over, above and beyond the call of duty in service to the club.  If you know someone who deserves a place on the wall, then let us know and we’ll put them forward for consideration.

Name Date Inducted Reason
Harry Bonham-Carter 25/03/2015 For spreading the gospel of The Franchise as far as Swaziland – Harry uploaded a video of a group of young Swaziland children chanting ‘MK Army’.  We salute you sir!
Ben Campbell/ Antoni Fruncillo 04/02/2015 To advertise an interview that they were running with Louis Van Gaal, the Daily Mirror tweeted ‘ Van Gaal: Leicester defeat was my worst day as United Boss’.

Our plucky Twitter feed responded with the single word: Really?  Genius and Balls together – we salute you gentlemen.

Camdenite and Modders 7/01/2015 Spreading the gospel according to The Franchise in an intensive twitter campaign.
Anne-Marie Robinson 11/2014 Putting up with her husband
Andrew ‘Young Alby’ Macpherson 10/2014 Getting Robbo the job
Carolyn and Lisa 10/2014 Services to Mascot Posteriors





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