MK Dons v Wolverhampton Wanderers Match Report

Derek_Dougan earlier today
Dougan Man Ting etc.

Spikey ‘G Man’ Bird – 17 – Furzton

Bad mashup an ting!

Dons mx it like class, offer man tings, an get bare in response. When boss man blow up first time, we is lead. Good times. Happy beerage. Next bit, not so good. Two shots, believe, two shots man have an two goal man score! Word! End time come an we is second – again. Not what spend coinage on!

Time comes when break time spliffage need pass by d left, you hear me? Man, it bare sort out tings, an Robbo need hear me now! Me should get there and make action, sort tings proper is what I say, you get me?

Word is man’s lost it, no idea it look, an we is going down keener than Letitia from 11c!

T’is all you ‘G Man’ have to say. Peace out.

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