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Last Night’s MooCamp Radio Show (27th November) is now available for listening and downloading:

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Oh yes!

Marvel at our sheer professionalism as we eventually get the levels right (ish) and only get totally lost a few times.  Witness our confusion as we realise that we’re ridiculously behind schedule, then hear our delight when we realise that all the stuff we didn’t fit in means we’ve got less to write for next week’s show.

The show includes:

Tom Flanagan’s Schooldays, Lewie vs Ed Sheeran, Roundabout of the Week, News from the Forums and much more. Breaking news about the Stadium development, reviews of the Bradford and Colchester matches and a preview of Coventry. Music from The Wedding Present, Marillion (sorry – blame Modders), The Box Ticked and Snow Patrol (it’s our anthem don’t you know).  All wrapped up in a package that ignored the timeline, made it up as we went along and still finished dead on time.

If you’ve missed any previous episodes and find yourself thinking that your life won’t be complete until you catch up, we completely understand.  You can listen to previous episodes in The MooCamp Radio Show Gallery.

See you next week.



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