Listen Now – The MooCamp Radio Show 2.09 – 1st October 2014

DSC00054The one after Bristol City and before Yeovil and Kingston.

Issue 2.09 of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we talk about the drama and eventual disappointment of Bristol City, and the upcoming visit to Yeovil and next Tuesday’s visit from the Kingston team.

We have a hotly contested Roundabout of the Week, masses of texts and tweets from you, our dear listeners, another Tenuous Link, and a whole host of the usual sort of stuff that we do each week.

Music this week comes from X-Ray Spex, R.E.M. and Echo and the Bunnymen, which makes me feel that all is well with the world.

Listen to it, and fill the hole in your life that you weren’t really aware of, even though you knew something wasn’t quite right.

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