It’s Tomorrow Night!

The MooCamp - MK Dons - We Know What We AreThe MooCamp Radio Show is back tomorrow night at 9pm – listen live on

Yes the show that’s a fanzine for your ears (but with too much music) will be hitting the airwaves on Secklow Sounds this Wednesday night (and indeed EVERY Wednesday night, at least until they throw us off for being too sexy) and you have the chance to play a part in the proceedings.

The MooCamp Radio Show Question of the Week (or TMRSQOTW for short)

‘It’s nearly winter and freezing temperatures will soon be upon us. With that in mind – what soup would you like to see served at the concessions?’

Cutting edge stuff I’m sure you’ll agree, and we want your answers.

You can get in touch with us before, during or even after each show if you’re odd – popular methods of contact include:

  • Facebook – post on
  • Tweet – #themoocamp
  • Email –
  • Text – 07848 930396

Failing that, you could wish really hard – I’ve heard that works sometimes.

Anyway, tune in live at and hear us try to piece together a radio show from the random stream of thoughts that occur to us between 9pm and 10pm each Wednesday.

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