It’s Official! The Clock Has Been Reset

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Yes boys and girls, momentous times are upon us.  I can now announce that, having received formal notification from those in the know, that our visitors on Tuesday did indeed choose to crap on the floor once again.

Therefore, if you could please imagine a drum roll while you read the following announcement:

Having previously run for 618 days without incident after the ‘unpleasantness’ of the first visit from the Kingston club, the Armitage Shanks Memorial Clock has now had to be reset after their second visit.  It means that once again, the self-proclaimed saviours of football have displayed behaviour that even household pets can be shamed out of without difficulty.

To all those involved, and to all those who’ve encouraged and supported this rather odd belief that these people can do no wrong, I raise a glass of cherryade to you all.

Well done!

The Armitage Shanks Memorial Clock now stands at:

Message ends.

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