Issue 26 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now!

Two Millionth MooCamp Radio ShowThe one without Gers, but with extra added Twilley.

Issue 26 of the difficult second season of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we discuss the best 0:0 we’ve seen in years, the best save all season, the worst pitch in a generation, and look forward to visits to places we’re probably not going to go to.

Bristol City, Bradford City, Gillingham and Colchester City. Four clubs in a single show? That’s great value.

We have the return of ‘Lisa or Carolyn?’, another glorious episode of The Lexicon of Chav and a Franchise Watch that went on too long. Much too long. And we started skipping bits before we got to the last page.

Anyway, masses of question of the week responses, some of which were very funny, and many of which were Paul Harris. And Scott McGregor.

Music was bought to you (eventually) by Transmission Vamp and The Verve, which is probably more music related Vs than we’ve had in a very long time.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s the juice that squirts out of a peach when you take a bite. It’s a bit special, but you know you’ll have to change your shirt afterwards.

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