Issue 20 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Download Now!

Issue Twenty of The MooCamp Radio Show! Twenty!!! We never thought we’d get past the first couple. Anyway, we’re the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team though we seem to be getting more and more listeners from people of a non-franchise persuasion. There’s nowt queerer than folk.

We had a full house for the first time in ages, and used the opportunity to talk at length about how rubbish the whole Crawley experience was. We tried our best to find some positives, but really, really didn’t. Anyway, we did our best to make up for it with more Dons, football and Milton Keynes related features than any other show in the world. Fact. We had Franchise Watch, Robbo’s not fat, he’s…, Tenuous Links, roundabout of the week and loads more.

Music this week came from Green Day and a new hybrid we created specifically for Lily’s birthday called Wombles at Work.

The MooCamp Radio Show – In the world of MK Dons related radio shows on Secklow Sounds, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

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