Issue 2.02 – The MooCamp Radio Show – 13-08-2014

The one where we mention 3-1 an awful lot.

The second issue of the difficult second season of The MooCamp Radio Show, in which we discuss amongst other things, the Gillingham match, the upcoming Posh match and even find time to have a few words about the AFC Kingston match. 3-1.

You can also hear The Roundabout of the Week, Darren Potter and the Deathly Hellos, The Bovril Forecast, Tenuous Links and all your other favourites. And the stuff that you’re bored of. Because we can. 3-1. 

Music was bought to you by Tubeway Army, The New Seekers and The Smiths, and I’ve got a feeling I’m the first person to ever play a show featuring just tracks from those three artists. 3-1.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like listening to someone playing a beautiful violin solo while bathing in honey. 3-1.

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