• Warm Yourself in Front of the Fire – It’s Lovely
    This just in Following on from the much publicised and frankly startling increase in domestic gas prices, the Dons today launched their latest campaign to increase season ticket sales.  Realising perhaps quite rightly that supporters won’t be able to afford to have their heating on at home, the Dons have introduced pitch side fire in an … Read more
  • All I Want Is A Team of Connor [insert place name here]
    This just in… The recent success of the Dons new (and let’s be honest pretty unique) recruitment approach – signing players whose first name is Connor and whose second name is an English place name – may already be floundering due to a severe shortage of other players who fit the bill.   At present, there … Read more
  • Different Class 01
    Modders popped up on another site earlier on today and mentioned that it’s been ten years since a few of us decided to get together and address the shortage of Dons’ fanzines by creating one of our own. ‘Different Class’ was short-lived, mainly because while we really enjoyed creating it, none of us were remotely … Read more
  • If you watch one video this week…
    Make it this one! Such incredible, unadulterated excitement and joy – great work young lady. Brando.
  • This Just In – BBC Explodes Following Irony Overload
    This Just In – following this question posed recently on Eggheads, the entire BBC operation disappeared in a puff of ironic smoke, but all the same, we salute you oh question master 🙂 More on this once we’ve managed to stop chuckling