Franchise Watch 001

  • How do people actually come about to support MK Dons? Are they people’s second teams?
  • Yes, that or they are mongs.
  • Melton Keynes is not a new place anymore. They also have been reasonably successful since relocation. It’s good for MK
  • You are a ‘franchise in a fridge’
  • You can have you 30,000 seater,your rich chairman,your stolen club,and your fake fan base, little old @ntfc is priceless #outsold
  • No, you can’t buy class but all those years ago Woolwich Arsenal Franchise FC bought promotion #History
  • you had 3,000 more to MK than your average home attendance. Thank you for funding franchise FC ?
  • If you make this Bolton team look as good as Franchise FC did today you deserve to be relegated. Awful team, and fans.

The owner of the Heel of God

    • The owner of the Heel of God
  • Franchise FC are absolutely awful
  • Its always a good result for football when Franchise FC get beat.
  • Bolton, currently languishing in the fiery depths of dogbleep manage to do enough to stick it to Franchise FC. Bleep them. #AMF
  • Franchise history re-writers note – in 2003 ‘Wimbledon FC’ was already to be ‘MK Dons’. You were never Wimbledon.
  • Wishing you luck deciding who you most want to lose when MK Dons play Chelsea on TV in the next round, the MirrorFootball Top Five
  • mk dons vs afc wimbledon, the football equivalent of sugababes vs mutya keisha siobhan.
  • A trip to Milton Keynes will surely send Diego Costa back to Spain #bleephole #franchisefc
  • Franchise FC vs Chelski in the next round of the #FACup .The worst football fixture in history?
  • mk dons franchise scum.afc Wimbledon real dons always will be?
  • Doesn’t matter you still got beat by a pub team from Kingston you nonce (possibly the most cliché-ridden sentence in Franchise Watch History)
  • MK Dons are a franchise from Wimbledon in the same way (Woolwich) Arsenal are from Woolwich.
  • Arsenal Franchise Club – The Original MK Dons – If the M1 was open in 1913 they’d have moved to Leicester or Northampton, Kent not London
  • A grotesquely manufactured franchise representing all that’s wrong with football versus MK Dons.
  • Lovely bunch of fans they are at MK, unlike those at that franchise club Afc.
  • @TheMooCamp something tells me you don’t have a life

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