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Dons’ Links

There aren’t all that many decent Dons sites around right now, or at least not ones that I know of  – If you’ve got others that I’ve not got here then drop me a line at and I’ll add them.  I’ll probably take the piss a bit though – it’s what I do you see.

MK Dons Supporters Association LogoMK Dons Supporters Association

The MK Dons Supporters Association site – it’s a pretty damn good site to be honest with you.  If you’re a Dons fan, then there’s a hell of a lot of interesting info about the history of the club, the current situation of the team, the Ladies team and more.  If you’re not a Dons fan, but think you know something about us, then this is a great place to find out whether you’re right or not.  I’m not even going to take the mickey out of it, because it’s good.  The SA do a lot of work on behalf of the fans, and serve as the communication point between club and fans.

The New MK Dons Logo

MK Dons Official Site

The usual crap official site to be totally honest.  Whoever it is that makes all these sites deserves genuine derision, as they’ve managed to spend what would appear to be a significant amount of cash making the sites even less usable than they were before.  And they were crap before.  These sites really are a disgrace and they seem to introduce spelling mistakes and grammar errors in just about every article! (well someone does anyway) And don’t get me started on the ‘premium’ content…

The Concrete RoundaboutThe Concrete Roundabout

Dons discussion forum run these days by the mighty Sphere who has to date managed to preserve the rather important state of anonymity, so while everyone hates him/her, they don’t yet know who to actually hate.  If you like it lively, then this is probably the right forum to choose.  By that I mean it’s got some big-headed loudmouths on there who want to tell you how right they are about stuff.  Repeatedly.

The Zone LogoThe Zone MK

The Dons section of a general Milton Keynes Football discussion forum.  I’ve got no idea who runs this place these days, I do read it, but was asked never to post there so long ago that I can’t even remember who by.  Anyway, it’s a good forum, if a little quiet, and it’s got a good picture of how they want it run.  If you’re not going to be respectful of other posters, then you’ll not survive long, and you’ll end up on the Concrete Roundabout anyway, so if you’re a bit of a dick, then this probably isn’t the place for you.  If you’ve got a pipe and slippers though…

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