Gers On Sunday, The Second Coming

Gers on Sunday

All of the following statements are true… Brexit is good for the exchange rate. Trump will make an excellent leader of the free world. Under Corbyn, Labour are an effective opposition. Pete Winkleman has nothing but what’s good for Milton Keynes at his heart, despite what others may tell you. Karl Robinson can see the … Read more

Gers on Sunday – Now’s the time to say goodbye?

Scary Clowns Earlier Today

It’s Goodnight From Me, And It’s Goodnight From Him In the week that plucky underdogs Leicester romped to their first ever Premiere League championship, we basically imploded in spectacular fashion, and I’m not just talking about on the pitch. There’s little point in pouring over the faults once again. To be quite frank I’m sick … Read more

Gers on Sunday – Down Down, Deeper And Down – 01/05/2016

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I want all the world to see To see you’re laughing And you’re laughing at me I can take it all from you Again again again again again again again… And indeed the wider world of footy certainly laughed long and hard last Saturday afternoon. We’re down, as old Francis has been telling us since, … Read more

Gers on Sunday – Goalkeepers As Captains – 23/04/2016

To the championship

There are some things in life that are just plain wrong, and here’s a list of them. Singing drummers (Levon Helm excepted) Women drummers (Meg White excepted) Two drummers in the same band, at the same time (Adam And The Ants excepted) Top hats in rock (I’ll give you Slash at a push, but that … Read more

Gers on Sunday – Eight One! Eight Bloody One! – 17/04/2016

The MooCamp Earlier Today

The peasants are revolting… “Did I read it right? That fans actually booed Karl Robinson??? Shame on you” “Yeah, totally agree, some people have very short memories!” “Things like this really make me feel sad for football and its fans.” “Do they really think that buying a ticket gives them the right to treat people … Read more

Gers on Sunday – Yo Me Enfrio O Lo Soplo – 10/04/2016

Gers on Sunday

If, like me, you are a keen observer of football related social media, and associated chat rooms, forums, etc, etc, you have may have stumbled upon the phenomena of the football manager. Specifically the phenomena that goes along lines such as ‘He’s shit, he’s taken us as far as he can, and it’s time that … Read more

Gers on Sunday – We Don’t Give A F**k About Charity – 03/04/2016

Gers on Sunday

[dropcap]When[/dropcap] I was a wee small lad back in the mid-sixties (yes, I am that old) I loved footy. Went every other week. One shilling for kids. It was a serious amount of money at the time, when pocket money was two of the aforementioned bobs. We were poor, but we were happy etc, etc, … Read more

Gets on Sunday – It’s The Hope That Kills You – 27/03/2016

Gers on Sunday

Since our inception, Milton Keynes Dons chairman and owner, Pete ‘Winkie’ Winkleman, has had one mantra. Actually he has had many, but one always stood out head and shoulders, pun intended, above the others. ‘Planning for The Championship, dreaming of The Premiership’. And finally on a spring Sunday afternoon, eleven years after our controversial birth, … Read more

Gers on Sunday – Pissgate Update – 27/03/2016

Gers on Sunday

Number of stories The Daily Mail ran in the last week where Samir pissed in a glass, therefore threatening the morals of the country… 0 Number of stories The Daily Mail ran in the last week featuring famous for being famous, big arsed upholders of modern family values the Kardashians… 128

Gers on Sunday – The Decline Of Western Civilisation, Part IV, (Pissgate) – 20/03/2016

Gers on Sunday

On Thursday, the 17th of March, 2016, The Mail online website lead with a comment piece by Richard Littlejohn entitled, ‘The Death Of Shame, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN on what those hideous scenes at Cheltenham tell us about modern mores and morality’In said leader, the ever opinionated Mr Littlejohn, indeed opined, and held forth on the events … Read more