Gers on Sunday – Goalkeepers As Captains – 23/04/2016

To the championship

There are some things in life that are just plain wrong, and here’s a list of them. Singing drummers (Levon Helm excepted) Women drummers (Meg White excepted) Two drummers in the same band, at the same time (Adam And The Ants excepted) Top hats in rock (I’ll give you Slash at a push, but that … Read more

The Lexicon of Chav – 16/04/2016

Max and Semi

Yes, it’s Lexicon time – the part of the show where each week we educate you, yes you, the educated elite, into the ways of the feral underclass that seemingly run our planet, by providing detailed translations of common ‘street-talk’. This week, the words under scrutiny are: Boys to mensh Common usage:- Prestoney! In the … Read more

Disgraced Olympic Sprinter Challenges Robbo Over Samir Punishment

[dropcap]This[/dropcap] Just In – in what has been described as one of the most hypocritical attacks in recent memory, disgraced Olympic sprinter and drug-cheat Ben Johnson today launched a blistering attack on Karl ‘Robbo’ Robinson’s handling of the Samir Caruthers PissGate story. In a plea published in today’s Milton Keynes Citizen, Johnson claimed that the Dons were ‘the most … Read more

Casting begins for “No Toilet Training Allowed – The AFC Kingston Story”

[dropcap]Following[/dropcap] today’s announcement that previously well-respected educationalist and author John Green intends to sully his reputation further by producing a film about the story of the Kingston lot, the footballing world is alive with speculation as to who will pick up some of the key roles. Early reports suggest that “No Toilet Training Allowed – … Read more

Radio Show Gallery Updated

Just a quick note – I’ve just been through the radio show gallery and updated the links to some of the shows that had become unavailable, so if you want to have a listen to any of the shows we’ve put out over the last few years, then they’re all up there. If you’re surprised that … Read more

Subscribers – An Apology

Dear all I’ve been on a posting frenzy this evening, and the switch that I need to flick to say ‘don’t send emails to everyone for every bloody post, as that’s really likely to piss them off’ didn’t get flicked. I’m currently flagellating myself in a mix of penitence and general amusement. It’s still off … Read more

The Samir Caruthers’ Incontinence Clock

In response to significant supporter demand, combined with a specific request from Cheltenham Cleaning Supplies, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the Samir Caruthers’ Incontinence Clock.  The clock, powered by a mix of modern technology and good old-fashioned ammonia, will track the time since Samir’s last ‘accident’, which we hope will provide a sense … Read more

So will the clock need to be reset?

It’s too early to tell at the moment, but rest assured that we WILL keep you posted.  We’ve had another visit from “they who don’t know how to use a toilet” so there’s every chance that we will need to reset the Armitage Shanks Memorial Clock.  We have discussed the possibility of creating a separate … Read more

It’s Official! The Clock Has Been Reset

Yes boys and girls, momentous times are upon us.  I can now announce that, having received formal notification from those in the know, that our visitors on Tuesday did indeed choose to crap on the floor once again. Therefore, if you could please imagine a drum roll while you read the following announcement: Having previously run … Read more