Match Report – Fulham 2-1 Dons – 02/04/2016

If ever there was a great day out ruined by the football, then this was it. It started well – a beautiful sunny day in Milton Keynes, lots of coaches lined up outside the Arena (AKA the Semi-Colon) and lots of Dons fans milling about. ¬†The wonderful people at Piglets’ Pantry had laid on free … Read more

Fulham Away 2nd April 2016 – Match Preview

So it’s starting to get serious then ūüėČ [dropcap]We[/dropcap] trek down to that London¬†tomorrow for a match that both teams will be desperately hoping to win, and one where a loss would see the other team sitting in the bottom three come 5pm. ¬†A draw wouldn’t be the end of the world for either, but … Read more

Match Report – Dons 1:2 Brighton – 19/03/2016

That was never a straight red! ¬†Not even a booking. ¬†I’m not even sure it was a foul. Anyway, what to say about all of that? ¬†Brighton looked pretty rubbish, but they got the points, which means they’ll probably be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. ¬†We played pretty well for most … Read more

Right On Brighton

I’ve always had a soft spot for Brighton, both generally and in football terms. ¬†As a part of the early 80s mod revival as a teenager, musically and stylistically, Brighton has always had something of a ‘pull’ for me. ¬†I had my stag weekend there (I doubt it still exists, but The Catfish Club was … Read more

Hull 1:1 Dons – 12/03/2016

It’s getting to that part of the season where we know we’re probably not going to be treated to a feast of football, but when every match is that important that you really don’t want to miss a game. ¬†Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, these are the games we’ll be … Read more

Walsall Away – 8th September 2012

Well that’s not how it was supposed to happen Walsall – always one of my favourite aways, and always one that I look out for when the fixture list comes out. ¬†We usually take quite a few (for us of course) we usually do ok there, and with the possible exception of the time when … Read more