Shrewsbury 0:1 Dons – 6th August 2016

And we’re back! Following what has now become our online fanbase’s traditional summertime meltdown about the volume/quality/timing/height/weight/aroma (delete as applicable, so just tick the lot) of our summer signings, it was nice to finally get all of the crap out of the way and actually play some football.  Fortunately, the summer furore seemed to have been a little … Read more

So Long and Thanks For All The Fish – For Now at Least

The MooCamp Radio Show Says Farewell

After three seasons of shows, guests aplenty and more fun than we have any right to have shared, it’s with a mix of sadness and relief that I have to announce that The MooCamp Radio Show has come to an end. There are a number of reasons for it, but the main factors are a mix of … Read more

Shares in MK Cleaning Firms Rocket

Armitage Shanks - The MooCamp Radio Show

This Just In – Following today’s announcement that the Kingston lot have got through the playoffs, shares in MK cleaning firms are set to rocket when trading begins again on Tuesday morning.  Speaking exclusively to The MooCamp this evening, local cleaning magnate Roy Al-Doulton announced excitedly “We’re going to be rich!  Rich I tell ya! … Read more

Brando’s Blog – End of Season Review – 2015/16

Robbo - one of us

Well that wraps it up for 2015/16 then.  Quite a season really. It was a season that started with a degree of hope, a sense of belief, built on last season’s general wonderfulness, and a feeling that, unless something truly awful happened, we would probably be alright.  It all started so well too – that beautiful … Read more

Match Report – Ipswich 3:2 Dons – 30/04/2016

Ipswich Town Earlier Today

It was a beautiful sunny day, we were taking an inexperienced goalkeeper, no substitute keeper and a bench primarily made up from Academy kids.  It was fancy dress and I wasn’t dressing up. We’ve already been relegated, we were expecting to lose, possibly heavily, and I was going on a minibus leaving at 9:30 am … Read more

Buy The MooCamp Radio Show Scripts 2014-15

Buy it here Relive the MK Dons entire 2014/15 promotion season through the eyes of a group of idiots who really should know better but clearly don’t. Join in with Franchise Watch from your favourite armchair. Educate yourself using The Lexicon of Chav from your kitchen table. And take part in The Roundabout of the … Read more

Match Report – Dons 1:4 Brentford – 23/04/2016

Make Your Mind Up - What Do You Want?

On St. George’s day, nobody wants to be the dragon.  Everyone wants to be the one left standing, sword in hand, prodding the bloody corpse to make sure all life has gone.  Sadly this year we celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday as the dragon, and we were coughing out smoke instead of  breathing fire.  Though we’d hoped for a different ending, we … Read more

Match Report – Wednesday 0:0 Dons – 19/04/2016

Hillsborough Memorial

One of those ‘not sure why that was so good, but it really, really was’ kind of evenings.  Still buzzing from it a couple of days later to be honest.  There were a number of ‘why on earth are you going?’ questions that were thrown my way beforehand, but it was a bit like Saturday, … Read more

This Just In – 12/04/2016

It's a sign I tell you!

[dropcap]This[/dropcap] Just In – Following last Tuesday’s quite horrific challenge by MK Dons defensive maestro, Anthony Kay, MK Dons supremo, Andrew ‘Call me Andy’ Cullen has explained that all that need be done, has been done. Having been lucky enough to have been within the club media departments, I can announce that they have been … Read more

Match Report – Dons 0:4 Rotherham – 09/04/2016

Robbo Not Earlier Today

So that’s it then.  We’d always said that if we stayed up by a single goal on the last day of the season, then this would have been a great season.  While it’s still mathematically possible for that to happen, it’s not going to happen.  We’re relegated.  So it hasn’t been a great season. It … Read more

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