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The MooCamp - MK Dons - We Know What We AreThe MooCamp started life back in the heady days of two thousand and something or other as a fans forum for the MK Dons.  Then, having come to the conclusion that people generally sucked, it decided not to bother any more, so it rested. Now it’s stirring again.  It has no idea what it wants to be, except that it wants to be loved.

If you’re a fan of The MK Dons, then there should be stuff here that interests/amuses/stimulates/sedates you.  To be honest though, in my experience, there’s just as much chance of it annoying/enraging/disappointing you, especially if you don’t read any of it, but just like getting cross about stuff.

If you’re not a fan of The MK Dons, then there should definitely be stuff here that annoys you.  If you do find yourself annoyed by anything on these pages, please let us know as soon as possible by writing to

The MooCamp
Sit DownOr Street
We’ll Steal Town
Your Club Shire

Love and Hugs.


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