• Different Class 01
    Modders popped up on another site earlier on today and mentioned that it’s been ten years since a few of us decided to get together and address the shortage of Dons’ fanzines by creating one of our own. ‘Different Class’ was short-lived, mainly because while we really enjoyed creating it, none of us were remotely […]
  • If you watch one video this week…
    Make it this one! Such incredible, unadulterated excitement and joy – great work young lady. Brando.
  • This Just In – BBC Explodes Following Irony Overload
    This Just In – following this question posed recently on Eggheads, the entire BBC operation disappeared in a puff of ironic smoke, but all the same, we salute you oh question master 🙂 More on this once we’ve managed to stop chuckling
  • This Just In – Postman Found Guilty
    This Just In – in shock news today, it was announced to a packed Stadium Colon MK press conference that a local postman had been caught throwing letters into letterboxes from 30 yards away. More on this once we’ve established whether anything good was ever delivered from it.
  • This Just In – Keyser Express Takes No Prisoners
    Come On You Dons!