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Issue 2.03 The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now

The One Where We Don’t Say 3-1 Quite So Often

Issue three of what has recently been described as “the only Dons Show worth popping in to every now and again” so you really ought to have a listen.

This week we talk about the trip to Posh, we pretend we went to Chesterfield so we can talk about that and we mention the upcoming Man Utd match a few times too. We didn’t have time to talk about Coventry much. Sorry.

We have more from Lieutenant Dan’s excuse of the week, we introduce Tom Hitchcock Presents, we continue to try to make Darren Potter and the Deathly Hellos into something worth listening to, along with loads of input from you, our dear listeners.

Music was provided by Department S, The UK Subs and The Who. Which is good. Honestly.

The MooCamp Radio Show – you know you’d probably miss it if it wasn’t on.

Issue 22 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Download Now!

It’s the one before the last one! Issue Twenty Two of The MooCamp Radio Show – and what an issue it was.

We’re the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team, people who’ve suddenly found a huge gap in their lives since the end of Monkey Planet and people who crave the excitement and danger that comes from a poorly prepared live radio show.

We were light on presenters this week with both one man and his bushwhacker finding alternative opportunities for entertainment. Against such challenging odds, Brando and Modders soldiered on and managed to cover up the fact that they know nothing about football, at least up until the first time we tried to speak about it.

We bring you the roundabout of the week, Robbo’s not fat he’s…, Things more masculine than Darren Potter’s tache and the most tenuous of tenuous links. And loads more obviously. Lots of orange stuff too. #orange4lewie

Music this week came from AC DC, The Clash and Sham 69 which ought to be enough to get some of the old ones amongst you tuning in again next week when we’ll probably play some Abba.

The MooCamp Radio Show – if you could dream up a radio show, then this would be it. Probably.

Issue 20 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Download Now!

Issue Twenty of The MooCamp Radio Show! Twenty!!! We never thought we’d get past the first couple. Anyway, we’re the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team though we seem to be getting more and more listeners from people of a non-franchise persuasion. There’s nowt queerer than folk.

We had a full house for the first time in ages, and used the opportunity to talk at length about how rubbish the whole Crawley experience was. We tried our best to find some positives, but really, really didn’t. Anyway, we did our best to make up for it with more Dons, football and Milton Keynes related features than any other show in the world. Fact. We had Franchise Watch, Robbo’s not fat, he’s…, Tenuous Links, roundabout of the week and loads more.

Music this week came from Green Day and a new hybrid we created specifically for Lily’s birthday called Wombles at Work.

The MooCamp Radio Show – In the world of MK Dons related radio shows on Secklow Sounds, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Issue 15 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Download Now!

Issue fifteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

This week we had two special guests – Kit Manager Tony Hawkins and former Wimbledon Legend and Dons Goalkeeping Coach Extraordinaire Paul Heald joined us live in the studio. We take advantage of Healdy’s presence and launch a new feature – Paul Heald Heals, we have perhaps the worst Robbo impersonation yet and we talk to Healdy about his upcoming parachute jump to raise money for Willen Hospice (www.doitforcharity.com/healdyjump – get donating). You’ll also hear the usual mix of bits and pieces that made us titter during the week and stuff we made up on the spot.

On the footballing side we talk about the Swindon and Notts County victories and the rather important impending visit of Posh.

Music this week came from Plastic Bertrand and Billy Bragg, which to be honest with you, probably isn’t enough for a show with too much music. Must try harder.

Telepathise or download – the choice is yours.

Download Now! Issue 13 of The MooCamp Radio Show

Issue Thirteen of The MooCamp Radio Show – the Radio fanzine thing for fans of the MK Dons soccer ball team.

In this week’s Modders-less issue we’ve got Things More Masculine than Darren Potter’s Tache, Top Ten Footballing Bernards, Robbo’s potential new loan signings, who Winkie is Loved by and much more. On the footballing side we talk about the Oldham Victory, the defeat against Bradford and the upcoming match against Sheffield United.
Music this week came from The Housemartins, Half Man Half Biscuit and The Libertines, which is a pretty damn sexy soundtrack to any football show.

Listen or download or whatever it is you kids do: