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Blud! The MooCamp Radio Show 3.09 – Listen Now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.09 - Listen NowThe one after Didcot and Dele.

Issue 3.09 of The MooCamp Radio Show brings you our views on Dele’s England debut, we look forward to the visit of Blackburn Rovers and our midweek trip to Huddersfield Town. And we talk about what we did at the weekend, but that’s a given – who wouldn’t?

We get your thoughts on what’s good about international breaks, we round up the latest abuse coming our way in Franchise Watch and we hear the angelic tones of our own Aled Jones, as Young Alby brings us yet another new chant.

Music comes sadly from Camera Obscura and more happily from John Grant.

The MooCamp Radio Show – we’re not sure if we really exist, but if we do, then we’d really like to see some proof.

Huhuhuhu – The MooCamp Radio Show 3.08 – Listen Now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.08 - Listen Now!Issue 8 of the decidedly sexy third season of The MooCamp Radio Show finds us in buoyant mood, perhaps due to a Daniel Powell wonder strike grabbing a point in the dying seconds of Saturday’s match against Bristol City.

We dissect the season a little and decide that we’re a mix of calm, happy, disappointed, not disappointed and not really sure what we’re talking about. Which is nothing new really.

We hear your tales from the light and dark side of football stewarding, and generally wax lyrically about joyous days of yore, and when we used to win matches.

Music came from Hooton Tennis Club, which is a good thing, and we didn’t have time for the Bombay Bicycle Track I’d lined up, so maybe next week.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it may be on it’s last legs, but it’s going to go out smiling.

Pffft! The MooCamp Radio Show 3.07 – Download Now

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.07 - Listen Now!The one after some defeats, but where all was surprisingly cheery.

We dissect the home defeats against Leeds, Southampton and Derby, and briefly look forward to the trip to Bristol City. That’s a whole lot of goals against, just a couple for, but a general feeling that if we keep playing the way we are, then we’ll be fine.

We bring you another beautiful chant from the terraces, we bring the first use of the word odious in some time in Franchise Watch, and for no readily apparent reason we appear to attempt to impersonate Alan Bennett very badly. Which we did rather well I guess.

Lots of your favourite defeats in the Question of the Week, your texts and tweets, live updates from the home of football in Brackley and the return of the bloke from Blackpool. Music came from Dead Hope and King Kurt.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like love, but a little easier to bring about without spending lots of money.

Brap – The MooCamp Radio Show 3.06 – Listen Now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.06 - Listen Now!The one after the international break.

Issue 3.06 of The MooCamp Radio Show hits the streets, and we bring you our musings on recent trips to Middlesbrough and Burnley, and we ponder the impending excitement of the visits of Leeds and Southampton.

We preview one of the finest chants ever to grace ours or indeed any terrace, we talk about ships, submarines and their respective locations in, above or under the water. We take a meander through the delight that is Franchise Watch Avenue, and generally enjoy ourselves while we do it.

Music came from The Spitfires, which bearing in mind Modders chose it, and it was rather good, was therefore quite remarkable. Even if it does sound like The Ordinary Boys.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s as if strikers have yet to be invented, and therefore everything is going to be alright.

Sensitively does it – The MooCamp Radio Show 3.05 – Listen now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.05 - listen nowThe Insensitive One

The MooCamp Radio Show brings you the highs and lows of Saturday’s home defeat to Birmingham City, we review the performance or otherwise of our newer signings, and we pretend that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to internationals.

We bring you masses of your answers to the Question of the Week, we get fascinated by Franchise Watch, surprised by Spot the Ball and fall in love once again with The Lexicon of Chav.

Throw in the usual texts, tweets, ‘who’s listening from furthest away’ boasts and music from Dredge and you’ll end up with a delightful show with which to merrily while the evening away.

The MooCamp Radio Show – if it wasn’t free, people would be asking for it on prescription.

Happy Anniversary of the 4-0 Drubbing of Man Utd – Listen Now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.04 - Listen Now!  Man Utd 4-0 AnniversaryThe Anniversary Show. 4-0. Yup.

Issue 3.04 of The MooCamp Radio Show allows us to wallow in nostalgia for the glorious night exactly one year ago when we demolished one of the biggest names in world football. That’s Man Utd btw. We’ll also look back on last Saturday’s trip to Reading, last night’s victory over Cardiff City and this Saturday’s impending visit of Birmingham City.

Along the way, we’ll have the greatest football chant in the history of the world itself, we’ll have Spot the Ball on the Radio, the return of The Roundabout of the Week, and more delightful insight from the footballing world in Franchise Watch.

Throw in your texts, tweets, faces, tweets and everything else, and you’ve got something rather delightful. Music came from Mammoth Penguins. That’s all we had time for – too much action. Can you remember when we used to have six tracks in each show?

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like this time last year, but once a week, every week.

Hummunah Hummunah! The MooCamp Radio Show 3.03 – Listen now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 3.03 - The MK Dons Finest HourThe one where we were just 43 matches from the playoffs.

Issue 3.03 of The MooCamp Radio Show, and we bring you the lows of the home defeat against fellow Championship new boys Preston, and compare them to the highs of the home victory against seasoned Championship stalwarts Bolton. Highs and lows etc.

We mention Neil Lennon once or twice, and his big mate too, we talk briefly about UpperTierGate and we look forward to the upcoming trip to Reading and the visit of Cardiff.

On top of that, Gers rounds up what’s happening on the forums, we hear from Modders once more on his travels, and of course we have all of the stuff that you, our beloved listeners, send in too.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like that part of the film where you can’t quite work out whether it’s brilliant or terrible.

Boom! The MooCamp Radio Show 3.02 – Listen Now

The MooCamp Radio Show - The MK Dons Radio Show that loves you very muchThe one that’s been put in the corner, and doesn’t whinge and whine like a spoilt child.

The first surviving, but second broadcast issue of Season Three of The MooCamp Radio Show. We talk with great frivolity about the victories over Rotherham and Leyton Orient, and marvel at the fact that, first game or no, we’re top of The Championship. Us! Lols a plenty.

Gers gives us a roundup of what’s been happening on the forums, Modders sends yet another desperate plea for attention, and we eavesdrop on the MK Dons Supporters Association Committee Meeting. Because we know how to live. Honest.

Music came from Slaves, with a little of the New Seekers thrown in for good measure, but that was all we had time for, we were having that much fun.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s back, and it’s absolutely no different to before. Except for slightly less Modders.