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The MooCamp Radio Show – 2.28 – Listen Now!

The MooCamp Radio Show 2.28 - Listen NowThe one after the sacking of whatsisname.

We discuss the delights of the visit of Posh in great detail, make poor jokes about the departure of the son of rednose and generally have a good time. We talk about the trip to Cov and we briefly mention the visit of Chesterfield.

Twilly gets all Chavvy, (is there two vs in Chavvy or one?), Modders takes a nap and Gers watches the football, so no change there really. We talk about top Dons moments, new signings and sibling rivalries, which makes this probably the most wonderful radio show on air. On secklow sounds this evening. Between 8 and 9.

Music came from The Bay City Rollers and The Magnetic Fields, which is about as eclectic a mix as you’ll find round these parts.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s why the close season was invented.

Issue 27 of The MooCamp Radio Show – 18th Feb 2015

The mooCamp Radio Show 2.27The one after TwitterGate.

We chat about the less than wonderful thrashing at Gillingham, the return to form with a victory at Colchester and we realise that we’re playing Posh on Saturday, and we hadn’t really noticed. We welcome back Gers and celebrate the return of Twilley.

We muse about Young Alby playing Snooker instead of going to work like he’d told us, we continue to encourage the sibling rivalry between Carolyn and Lisa and hear Twilley do a pretty damn good impersonation of the chavmeister himself in The Lexicon.

Music comes from the late Steve Strange and the never early Style Council, which is a bit of an 80s fest when all is done.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s more entertaining than many illnesses and much cheaper.

Issue 26 of The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now!

Two Millionth MooCamp Radio ShowThe one without Gers, but with extra added Twilley.

Issue 26 of the difficult second season of The MooCamp Radio Show, where we discuss the best 0:0 we’ve seen in years, the best save all season, the worst pitch in a generation, and look forward to visits to places we’re probably not going to go to.

Bristol City, Bradford City, Gillingham and Colchester City. Four clubs in a single show? That’s great value.

We have the return of ‘Lisa or Carolyn?’, another glorious episode of The Lexicon of Chav and a Franchise Watch that went on too long. Much too long. And we started skipping bits before we got to the last page.

Anyway, masses of question of the week responses, some of which were very funny, and many of which were Paul Harris. And Scott McGregor.

Music was bought to you (eventually) by Transmission Vamp and The Verve, which is probably more music related Vs than we’ve had in a very long time.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s the juice that squirts out of a peach when you take a bite. It’s a bit special, but you know you’ll have to change your shirt afterwards.

50 Issues Young! The MooCamp Radio Show – Listen Now

The MooCamp Radio Show 50th issueThe 50th Anniversary Special Extravaganza Issue – so special we had a massive studio audience.

The one where we talk about our new loan signings, both of whom seem rather familiar. We discuss the 5-0 mauling of Crewe, an away match which Alby remarkably gets to say ‘hand’ to and we all predict a victory against Bristol City on Saturday.

We dust off Lewie, we bring you the longest and most specialest Winkie is Loved By so far and we introduce Lisa vs Carolyn as a new bloodsport. There’s the usual mix of texts, tweets, Facebook rants and features, all wrapped up in a half-century of love and affection.

Music? Who needs it? Not us – not even a full track tonight, so we had two thirds of a White Lies track and that was it – how far have we come?

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s starting to be really, really good fun.

Listen Now! The MooCamp Radio Show 2.24 – It’s good :-)

Dons - Outside Martin Allen Press Conference It's a Frenzy I tell ya!The return of Young Alby. And Twilley.

The show where we review the victory over t’Barnsley lot, we mull over the draw at Scunthorpe and look forward to the trip to Crewe, albeit rather briefly. Because none of us are going. Except possibly Twilley. And Alby.

Anyway, outside of that stuff, we’ve got the next in Gers’ managerial fashion critiques, the return of Young Alby to his true Lexiconic home and lots of your texts and tweets. We’ve got a question, a joke (a very cool one this week – jokes are cool) a roundabout with a stunningly clever and therefore genuinely wrong suggestion and considerably less stuff than was in the script.

Music came from Goldfinger (?) and The Velvet Underground, rather than Nene and McBusted, which can only be a good thing.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like slippers for your heart.

Hip Hip Hooray – The MooCamp Radio Show 2.23 – Listen Now

Ladybit MooCamp Radio ShowThe one without Young Alby again, and without Nick, Twilley or any of the other willing replacements.

We discuss the wonders of Nigel, both in attitude and fashion sense, and even watch him live displaying poor attitude and fashion sense. Which must have made great radio. We discuss the victory over the blades, the upcoming visit of Barnsley and next Tuesday’s trip to the Iron.

Fashion – turn to the left etc. Chav. Lexicon. Bootsie. Winkie being loved. Which sounds weird. Texts, Tweets, Defenders of the Franchise and Anthems. Again. We repeated stuff this week without meaning to. Without meaning to.

Music came from Stump, which was a sensational way to start the show, and The Smiths, which was a rather grand way to end it, even if I do say so myself.

The MooCamp Radio Show – enjoyed by more people than I’ve got ten pound notes. But not that many more.

Listen now – The MooCamp Radio Show 2.22

The MooCamp Radio Show 2.22The one with Twilley, Nick and Charlie.

We chew the fat over the departure of young Benik Afobe, we discuss the excitement and hilarity of Crawley away, including Teagate and Izale. We also take a look at the upcoming visit of young Master Clough and his Blades on Saturday.

We dip into the world of fashion with Carl Baker’s Tea Couture, Young Alby stand-in Twilley does the Lexicon of Chav and Twilley and Nick join us for a fairly lengthy Franchise Watch. All the usual features are there too, and we even have a couple of correct guesses for The Roundabout of the Week.

Music came from A Flock of Seagulls, who are Gers’ favourite band.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like staring at people when they don’t know you’re looking. You know it’s wrong, but it feels so right.

We’re Back! The MooCamp Radio Show 2.21 – 7th January 2015

The MooCamp Radio Show Issue 2.21The one just after Chrizzle.

We have a veritable feast of football to discuss, and discuss it we do – we talk at length about the 7-0 against Oldham, the 0-1 at Notts County, and at considerably less length about the 0-3 and 0-1 at home to Walsall and Chesterfield respectively.

We hear about your resolutions in the question of the week, we get cryptic on your asses in the Roundabout, and even the joke has a festive flavour. We bring you the latest from Old Bootsie, Bovril, Chavland, Winkie-Loving and much, much more.

Music came from Green Day and King Kurt, the former being the best track that Modders has ever suggested and the latter being better than that.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like history never happened, but nobody cared.

The MooCamp Radio Show Christmas Extravaganza

The MooCamp Radio Show 2.20The Christmas Extravaganza Replay Issue!

The one where we talk about the valiant point away at Preston, the upcoming visit of inconvenient Oldham and Adam Faiers phones up to talk about pictures and biscuits.

We’ve got a festive Question of the Week, a Dutch-themed Roundabout of the Week and possibly the finest Lexicon of Chav so far. We work our way through masses of texts and tweets, mostly in the wrong order and we generally have a lot of fun (again) while we’re doing it.

Music comes from Catatonia and appropriately from Dan Hartman.

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s like central heating for your feet and ear muffs all in one.

Download Now – The MooCamp Radio Show 2.19 – 10th December 2014

The MooCamp Radio Show 2.19The one with some of Richard and toothache.

We talk to Shortcut App supremo Richard, we discuss the less than impressive performance against Chesterfield and the upcoming trip to Preston.

We have a gorgeous episode of The Lexicon of Chav, a trip into the wider football world in Winkie is Loved by, we hear what the world is saying about us and we hear about your guilty pleasures in the Question of the Week.

Music comes from The Lemonheads, The Longpigs and Eels (of God).

The MooCamp Radio Show – it’s familiar enough to be comforting, but still has the power to disturb.