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Happy Heel of God Day

Happy Heel of God Day

The owner of the Heel of God
The owner of the Heel of God (ta Dan)

There aren’t many days of the year that can be set aside for simple celebration.  Even Christmas Day is becoming just like any other day for many people, but that’s not the case with Heel of God Day.  Heel of God Day is the one day when all followers of the true faith (we worship you oh Franchise) can sit back and smile from the moment they wake to the second their head hits the pillow at night.

On Heel of God Day, we put aside our differences as fans, and together we remember the events surrounding that day.  We remember the shameful bias against us in the media build up.  We remember the dignified manner in which our club, our Supporters Association and our fans behaved during the build up to the match.  We remember the silence from the media once the final whistle blew and they hadn’t got the result they wanted.

We remember the pride we had in our own fans behaviour on that day, and we remember the shameful behaviour of some of the fans from Kingston on that day.  We remember the spitting, we remember the vandalism and we remember them crapping on the floor.

The Heel of God
That Match Poster

We remember the desperate attempts from Kingston as they sought to bribe their own fans not to attend the match.  We remember them offering to buy tickets back from fans in a vain attempt to stop them attending.  We remember the worst boycott in history as they brought many times their usual away following to us – the club they’d encouraged so many to boycott both before and since.

We remember their pleading with people at the concessions not to buy.  We remember the vast sums taken in our concessions from the ‘fans’ who’d told the world that they weren’t going to spend any money once they got here.  We remember  Beavis (or was it Butthead?) appearing in every media outlet clutching the program that none of them were going to buy.

We remember the little plane with it’s rather quaint little banner that they’d spent so much cash on.  We remember that even their own fans were ignoring it after the second journey overhead.

We remember Potter to Lewie to Williams to Gleeson, and the screamer from Gleeson that put us ahead.  We remember Dave Martin keeping us in it at 1:1 in the 89th minute.  We remember Semi running to the corner flag and winning the corner.  We remember Bowditch taking the corner, it coming back out to Ismail and then Ismail putting the ball back int0 the box.

But most of all, we remember The Heel of God.  We remember the elation we felt when fate looked down on us at that moment and smiled – when Jon “Heel of God” Otsemobor stuck a heel out and flicked the ball over the outstretched Sullivan and our fans erupted.

Happy Heel of God Day – We Know What We Are!


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Your Franchise Needs You

Your Franchise Needs You
Your Franchise Needs You

My fellow Dons,

It’s been a tough season so far and it’s safe to say that we’re not sitting where we want to be.  Twelve months ago, with the massed ranks of the media and the wider football world stacked against us, we rallied together to show the world that we love our club. There are times when we need to put our frustrations behind us, when we need to commit to getting behind the team and the manager, no matter what happens on the pitch. This is one of those times. Today, we have a job to do.

We have 7,000 away fans joining us today, from a team who have more serious problems. A team who currently face a very uncertain future. Those 7,000 fans are here to show the wider footballing world that they love their team; looking to show that while most of them may not be attending matches at Sixfields, they are still there behind their team.

At times, we may find it difficult to make ourselves heard today, but we must make ourself heard.  The players and the manager need our vocal support.  They need to know that we are willing them to succeed, not waiting to pounce if they struggle.  They need to hear our voices in amongst the massed away support, and know that they are our team and that we love them. We know that as fans, we can lift the team on the pitch, and today we must do that by making ourselves heard for 90 minutes.

Today is a day for us to join together as one. Fans, players, staff, pigeons, ball boys, programme sellers and anyone else in the vicinity of Stadium:MK. We must be seen and we must be heard. If you have friends or family who are not planning to attend the game, then bring them along.  Buy them a ticket if you must (it’s nearly Christmas after all) but do anything you can to increase our numbers.

Whatever frustrations you might feel about the current squad, individual players, the manager, the chairman or anything else, I urge you to leave that behind you today. Leave it at home, until the odds aren’t stacked so heavily against us. Take every opportunity today to clap, sing, shout and cheer for the Dons. Let them know that we’re behind them. Let them know that we are proud to be – The Milton Keynes Dons.  The Franchise.  The Dons.



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It seemed like a good idea at the time

Another one from the archives.  I think the idea was that I was going to document the season, but clearly I got bored pretty early on.

MooCamp Yearbook 2008/09

Summer stuff

Will Ince go?




Or maybe yes.


Or maybe no.


Of course he will.


Of course he won’t.


He went.


Dyer went too – all seemed a bit messy to be honest.  Dyer claimed he hadn’t been offered a contract, the Dons claimed he was offered the best contract in their history.  Lots of rumour and speculation about whether he was offered one, two, three or fifty years on his contract, but I guess it means nothing.  He’s gone.  Good luck to him.


Will Andrews go?  Will Willy go with him?  So far no, despite very specific and detailed rumours from the press and within the club.  Only time will tell.


Spent the whole of the match in a theme park in sunny Spain, so can’t really comment.  Was pleased to find out the result, and felt really weird not being there, but missing the Watford pre-season friendly has become something of a tradition in our household, so it would have been wrong and very difficult to fly back for the match.  I went to every competitive match last season – home and away – and felt that I’d kind of got it out of my system, and was looking forward to taking it a bit easier this season.  Not basing my whole life around the matches, and being prepared to miss a few.


With that in mind, my wife and I went down to the travel agents sometime in June planning to book our holiday.  Due to the possession of a junior Don in the household, we’re restricted to the school holidays, but having insisted last summer that we had to be back for the first match, I was looking forward to taking a more relaxed approach and was expecting to miss a game or two.  When the travel agent (who was clearly a closet Don as she noticed the MooCamp badge I was wearing – I am soooo cool) asked when we wanted to go, I heard my Wife’s voice clearly saying “well we need to be back by the start of the season  – I’m not missing any matches”.  The best laid plans of mice and men and all that…



MK Dons 1 – Reading 1

No Andrews – text at 3:03.

MK Dons 1 Sheffield Wednesday 4

Not the most awe-inspiring of performances, but it was ok

MK Dons 2 – Watford 1

League One

Leicester 2 – MK Dons 0 – Saturday 9th August 2008

Excited.  Couldn’t sleep kind of excited. Up early and pacing around from about 6:15am and lots of time to kill.  Used up a fair bit of time by avoiding the essay that was due soon.  Stuck ‘football’ playlist on PC.  Danced and sang a bit. Soon off to collect my own personal Junior Don from her Nana’s place along with my Niece and Nephew.


They’re both of Chelsea origin, and my first objective of the day is to get my revenge.  I’m a good natured fellow, even when under pressure, but every now and again, someone acts in such a way as to force me into action.  I was seeking revenge for one such action, where my Brother in law overstepped the mark to such a degree, that I’m finding it hard to describe it in polite terms, even though it happened many months ago.


He dressed my own little Junior Don up in a Chelsea top, and took a photo of the crime, with which to taunt me.


Revenge was taken 🙂


Objective number two was to find somewhere to park.  It cost us £6, but we found it fairly easily and quickly, so really couldn’t grumble.  A quick meet up with a few people outside the ground, a hug with Mrs Half Pint, a shake of the hand with Mr Mrs Half Pint and we were on our way in.  Kind steward pointed us towards our seats, assuring us that what we’d heard about people sitting where they wanted was incorrect.  Checked with a few people, and established beyond reasonable doubt that people were sitting where they wanted, so we moved up and sat alongside Mr F, Mrs F, Jamie B, Mr SouthStander and a few others.


The atmosphere was great.  The match was exciting.  The big fat drummer was astounding. The result was disappointing.


We gave them far too much respect from the start, and they pretty much battered us for the first 30 minutes or so.  In stages we looked good, and at times we played better football than we usually played under Ince, but we didn’t look too much like scoring for most of the match.  Midway through the second half, we were one-nil down, but were starting to look dangerous and had been piling on the pressure.  Jude had a Jude moment and got caught in possession, and unfortunately we conceded a second, and from there, we were never going to get back in to it.  We were singing to the end, and I came away feeling relatively positive.  We hadn’t lost away since Wrexham (probably) and it felt weird to be on the losing side, but I thought we’d played pretty well against a team who were going to be one of the strongest sides we’d face this season, so wasn’t in the least down-hearted.


Carling Cup

MK Dons 1 – Norwich 0 – Tuesday 12th August 2008

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one.  On the one hand, we’d had a pretty tough time three days earlier against a team who’d been relegated from Norwich’s division, but on the other hand, we’ve got a pretty good record against Championship sides at home.  The last time we played Norwich was in the same competition back at the NHS, and we’d given them a really tough match of it, going out to an extra time goal.  Ben Chorley had missed a penalty and had played on when injured, resulting in him missing a good chunk of the next few months, but I remember the match as being really exciting.


Daughter was not well and wife had chosen to stay at home to look after her (I was prepared to look after her myself – honest) even though I’d been encouraging daughter to come along and reassured her that she would be “fine”.  I had Wife and Daughters spare ticket in my pocket, and was keen to give at least one of them a good home.  I realised that I’d watched the previous Norwich match sitting next to Crabby (this was in the days before wife and daughter had season tickets), and wasn’t sure if he had a ticket for the match, so gave him a call.  He didn’t have one and was on his way down to the box office, so the timing was perfect.  A deal was struck and I waited for him outside the club shop.


We went into the stadium side by side, and I couldn’t help feeling that it was right and appropriate that we would watch this match together.  There was tradition involved, and it seemed to be written. “I don’t have to sit with you do I?” he said, as we walked onto the concourse.  He walked off in the opposite direction, and I walked away rather sheepishly…


League One

MK Dons 1 – Northampton 0 – Saturday 16th August 2008

Attendance 12,000 – Away Fans 3500

The run up to the match had seen a slightly higher than usual amount of away fans coming on to the MooCamp to tell us that we weren’t important to them.  Usual mix of well-intentioned but ill-informed abuse and just willy-waggling abuse, but nothing interesting or original.


They had a lot of fans and made a bit of noise in the first half, but were almost silent for the majority of the second half.  It was great to see so many away fans there though – bearing in mind we’d heard that many Northampton fans were intending to boycott the match because we’re horrible, nasty franchisers, it was pleasant to see more than half of their average home gate had come to see us.


How to sum up the match?  We deserved the victory.  The first half was a half of two halves (if you’ll excuse the phrase).  The first half (of the first half) we were all over them.  The second half (of the first half) they were all over us.  Andrews wasn’t even on the bench, which led to a lot of whispered conversations about whether he had gone for good.  Nothing official was forthcoming, even though a number of us were checking our phones as soon as the match kicked off, in case the club had chosen to reuse their cunning tactic of covering up bad news by announcing it when we were all at the match.  At the end of the match, Roberto was reported to have said that there would be no comment except at a press conference, so that would suggest that things are afoot, but we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.


I think what stopped me doing this was the realisation that I really don’t find writing about football matches very interesting.  I love writing about all the crap that goes along with football matches, but the matches themselves?  Nah.  I’m struggling to remember what the text was about that the club sent at 3:03 during the Reading match.  I’d presumed it was that Andrews was leaving, but the comments on the Northampton match suggest otherwise.  I can remember being really bloody angry at the way the club did it, but I can’t remember what they did.  Can you?

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Laughing a lot

A question from another interview in August 2008 that goes to show just how easy it is for pre-season matches to mislead:

Florian Sturm
Pre-season Promise

Are you impressed with the signing of Florian Sturm and why? Does he bring anything new to the club we didn’t have before?

I’m pleased we’ve signed him.  I’ve seen him play twice and he looked to be a strong, creative winger who is also good on the ball, and has a shot on him.  Is he anything new?  Well we’ve had similar players before, but I don’t think we’ve got one right now.  He’s a pretty good Dyer replacement, based on what we’ve seen so far.

I’m sure he’s one for the future 🙂

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A blast from the past – September 2006

While tidying up some filing I found an interview that I did in the early days of The MooCamp forum – I think it was for the MKDSA, so may already be out there somewhere, but it could have been for The Bucks Fizz or something else.  If anyone knows, then let me know.  Anyway, I thought it was interesting enough to want to share – this is seven years ago, which almost counts as history!

Questions for Mr Brando – September 2006

  1. What made you want to create The Moocamp?

I wanted to create an alternative to the Cowshed (R.I.P.).  I was a newcomer to the rather odd world of the Dons on the web (I have a feeling it was sometime in October last year when I first found the Cowshed) and none of the forums gave me what I wanted as a poster.  I tried making suggestions on the existing forums as to what I wanted from a forum, then threw my toys out of the pram and starting shouting about how fed up I was (for which I have since sheepishly apologised to those involved) and ended up being told that if I didn’t like it, then I should clear off and start my own forum.

So I did.

  1. So just over six months since it went live how do you think it is going?

I’m very pleased with the way it’s gone so far.  I remember excitedly posting that we’d just gone past 1000 posts and we’re now heading towards 70,000.  It was always supposed to sit alongside the Cowshed (R.I.P.) so I genuinely didn’t expect it to become the main discussion forum for Dons fans on the web.   It’s far harder work than I ever imagined, and I get a lot of stick from people who disagree with the way the forum is run or moderated, but all I can do in those situations is listen, then tell them to sod off and start their own forum.  There’s room for more than one forum out there, so if you don’t like The MooCamp, then I’d be happy to provide advice and publicity for anyone looking to start their own.

  1. The forum has over 800 users at the moment are you surprised by how popular The Moocamp is becoming?

I think you need to have a look at the number of people who actually post to get a more realistic figure.  At present, we have 862 members, but more than half of them have never actually posted.  When you factor in the number of multiple accounts, the number of AFC Nr Wimbledon fans and other fans with a grudge who’ve signed up too, then I think there’s actually only four or five MK Dons fans who post on The MooCampJ.  Honestly, on the one hand I’m delighted with how popular we’ve become, but it does take up an awful amount of time (and cash) to keep it running smoothly, so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

  1. As a fan were you happy with what happened in the off season? The appointment of Martin Allen and the signings he brought in?

I’m still in a bit of shock to be honest.  I was one of the handful of people who were standing outside Denbigh on the day of MA’s announcement, mainly because I didn’t really believe that MA was coming here.  We were still expecting to see Adie Shaw come out with Winkie’s arm round him, so it really was a pleasant surprise when MA was confirmed (no offence Adie).  I think the signings that he has brought in are very positive and a sign of what can be done without spending vast sums (although I dread to think what our salary bill is like this year).  The fact that players have dropped down a division or two to come here shows that they aren’t just here to pick up a salary – they’re here to take this club forward and that’s exciting for all of us.

  1. The Moocamp up till last week was sponsoring Gareth Edds but now with him leaving the club are you hoping that you can pick up someone else?

If Gareth leaves, then of course we’d like to pick up someone else and I’m sure that the club wouldn’t have it any other way.  Having said that, it was great to see Gareth coming on as sub against Notts County, as I thought we wouldn’t be seeing him again.  I hope he’s been able to change MA’s mind a bit and I’d be delighted to see him working his way back into the squad on a regular basis.

  1. Are you going to try and get the player to be part of the whole Moocamp Experience?

Absolutely.  Whoever we end up sponsoring will be expected to wash our cars on Sunday mornings and watch our houses when we’re on holiday.  We’ve drawn up a whole list of tasks they can help us out with, so that they really get to feel part of the whole MooCamp vibe.  Dog walking, babysitting, holding our water bottles on a Wednesday night and many more exciting things await Gareth or whoever is lucky enough to become our own personal property.

  1. We also have Moocamp O Rama the Moocamps very own Football night; tell us about that.

I take no credit for the phenomenon that is MooCamparama  – Mr Surrey Don deserves all the applause for making Wednesday nights such fun.  Basically a group of us play football every Wednesday night at Stantonbury.  We have such a wide range of ages and abilities that it’s amazing that it works at all, but everyone has a great time.  Just to give you an idea of the age-range, last week the youngest player was 15 and the oldest player was 59.  It’s open to everyone, so come along if you fancy a kickabout and don’t take the idea all that seriously.  It’s the first time I’ve played football in 20 years or so, I ache like hell for a week afterwards, but it really is great fun.

  1. Do you think the main man himself Pete Winkelman has an account on the Moocamp?

I wouldn’t be surprised, but that’s one of the great things about the web.  No-one knows who anyone is.  I could be PW.  You could be PW.  We could both be PW.  I don’t think I’m PW, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

  1. Would you like him to give a designated seating area for the Moocampers when the new stadium opens? Moocamp Corner perhaps?

It would be great to have a box made available to the SA/Bucks Fizz/MooCamp people for use as prizes in raffles and competitions – can someone sort that out for us?  I know they need to maximise revenue in the new stadium, but between us we’re probably responsible for bringing large numbers of newbies through the turnstiles, so anything the club can do to make that easier for us would be brilliant.  We could be a wise investment for the club from that angle.

As for us all sitting together, I like the fact that we come from all over the stadium and wouldn’t change it for the world – this season my wife and daughter have season tickets too, so the South Family works just great for us.

  1. So as time goes on then the Moocamp will obviously go from strength. As the owner will you be looking at making any significant changes at all?

The structure of the site will remain fairly similar, although I think a few more separate sections might be an idea.  When I think we’ve got the moderation right, we’ll open the site up so that you can view without registering, but we’re not there just yet.

As for other changes, It’s difficult to say.  I’ve got lots of ideas that I’d like to try and do something with, but we’ve got other sites who already do lots of other stuff really well (The MKDSA site and The Bucks Fizz in particular) so you’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  I do have one particular idea which I’m going to do fairly soon, as soon as I can find the right company/person to work with.  It’s only a small thing, but it makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it, so if there are any businessmen or individuals with a bit of spare cash reading this who are willing to contribute a small amount of cash to the club (not The MooCamp – all money will go to the club) in exchange for some good publicity amongst Dons Fans and the chance to see me giggling for the rest of the season, then let me know.

The one thing I do see happening is more of the social side developing.  More than anything else, I’ve made some great friends on The MooCamp and I’d love for that to continue.  I don’t see it as being something that I or the MooCamp does itself, I just see it as something that will happen through us.  The fact that there are now a fairly large number of people who I know to talk to, and a far larger number that I know to nod to, makes games a more fun and pleasant experience.

For the record, the player we sponsored after Eddsy was Sam Baldock, and he still cleans my car every Sunday.


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Coming Soon!

The MooCamp Radio Show Logo
It’s Like a Fanzine For Your Ears
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MKDSA 10th Anniversary Celebration

What a night!

Seriously – what a great night.  Big thanks to everyone involved in the MKDSA 10th anniversary celebration last night – events of this kind take a huge amount of organisation, and I take my hat off to those of you who created it from nothing.  We raised a lot of money, we had a lot of fun, and we did some rather fun reminiscing.  My wife hates these sort of things and had a great time, so that’s really saying something (showaddywaddy).

Big thanks need to go to the club for getting involved so heavily.  To have Winkie, Robbo and Lewie to come along and talk was fantastic and to have John Cove, Andrew Cullen and others come along and support was great too.  I’m not sure there’s too many clubs where the club and the fans are able to get in and celebrate together like we do, and I’m rather proud of that.  The fact that Robbo and his family stayed and enjoyed the evening really shows a wonderful mix of insanity and commitment.  The fact that before he left he walked round the room and said goodbye personally to just about everyone makes me all warm and gooey inside.  We seriously are very lucky to have this man as our gaffer.

10 memorable Years
That’s History that is!

The evening was kicked off by Brian Baker, the original chair of the SA.  Brian talked about the journey from his original conversations with Pete and through those particularly difficult early months.

Winkie was up next, and was his usual charming self.  He talked without the mic, but as usual managed to make himself heard well enough.  He talked about the past, he talked about the future, he talked about trees, he talked about attackers and he talked about trees again.  And then he talked about the trees again.  He’s very excited about the trees you know.  He talked a lot about the SA and how us as fans had taken the flack, particularly over the earlier years.  I’m paraphrasing here, but he said that in years to come, when we’re filling the stadium, the fans to come will owe a great debt of gratitude to those of use who were here from the beginning.

Then Robbo took over the mic, and Luke Ashmead (local celebrity extraordinaire) interviewed him about the days match, about the past and about the future.  Robbo didn’t mention trees once, which was disappointing, but he’s not as passionate as Winkie about some of this stuff – I’m sure in time he’ll learn.  It was more of a chat than an interview, really relaxed and easy-going and it’s clear from how they talked that the two of them get on well.  Luke made repeated reference to the fact that Robbo ‘gets it’ about the club – he understands us in a way that other managers perhaps haven’t (to which Winkie was nodding in the background).

10 memorable Years
That’s History that is!

I’d heard that the club had put together a film of highlights for the event, and wasn’t sure what it was going to be like.  In the end, it was simply fantastic – a well-edited collection of stills and video set to the pounding sound of The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again (which suggests that a certain Mr Scriven may have been involved in the production – good job sir).  It was fascinating to see players I’d forgotten about, some that I’ll never forget, and to revisit some of the key moments of the last ten years was a brilliant experience, particularly when surrounded by people who I’ve shared it with.  Shots from the NHS, from THAT Tranmere match, relegation at Rotherham, the move to the stadium, Wembley, THAT FA Cup match, right up to the present day.  Fantastic.

We then had a couple of recorded messages from previous managers – Paul Ince had taken the time to talk about his time with us, and how Milton Keynes Dons will always have a place in his heart.  Martin Allen had also sent a message, and played up to his image as the bad guy – he also thanked us for the three points the other weekend, which raised a laugh or two.

Robbo then took to the floor briefly to introduce Lewie so he could say a few words – I don’t think anyone expected Lewie to be there, so we were chuffed to bits that he turned up.  Luke asked him a number of questions, and he answered them all with honesty and humour – when asked what had stopped him from taking one of the offers he’d received from other clubs, he said “mainly my contract”.  He talked about how he’d always loved it here, and that there’d never been an offer that had tempted him to leave.  He mentioned moves that hadn’t worked out so well, such as Izale to Charlton, and also mentioned moves that would be too good to turn down, in particular Sam’s move to West Ham.  As the only player who’s been here all the way through, he was asked for one word descriptions of each of the managers he’d served under – some he found easy – Martin Allen – mad, Stuart Murdoch, short.  He thought longest about Robbo, then said simply leader.  I have great amounts of man-love for him.

10 memorable Years
That’s History that is!

After a brief break for food, Tony Stratford took to the floor.  Now for reasons that may or not be clear to you depending on how well you know him or me, I can’t really comment on what it was like to watch Tony, but I can tell you this.  He was genuinely chuffed to bits to get such a great response, the fact that everyone was singing, shouting and chanting along will sit alongside some of the better memories of the last ten years.  Tony had planned to play two songs – old favourite We’ve Got More Roundabouts was followed by brand new, written specially for the evening We Know What We Are, which as promised, did indeed include the words plane, bastards and boycotts.  As Luke Ashmead had gone out for a cigarette rather than actually watch Tony, he was nowhere to be seen at the end of the second song.  That meant that Tony was able to respond to the cries of ‘encore’ with his heartfelt plea to Winkie to never cut his hair in There’s No Need to Mullet Over.

There was a quiz next, which is usually the sort of thing that would be easy to dismiss, but with a 42″ plasma telly up for grabs, it was worth concentrating.  It was all Dons or SA related, and John Samuel our resident quizmaster had done a cracking job in coming up with tough questions.  The end result was a tie-break between Twilley and Twiggy, with Twilley eventually getting to take the telly home.

10 memorable Years
That’s History that is!

Now the auctions took over, with Luke taking on the role of auctioneer (and doing superbly if truth be told).  I think pretty much everything went for more than was expected, with furious bids being thrown in from all round the room.  Tony Hawkins successfully bid against himself on at least three occasions, with perhaps only one of those being accidental.  By the time we reached the auction for the place on the team coach, we even had telephone bidders involved, with the lot eventually being won by author extraordinaire Dan McCalla for a whopping £600.  He’s gonna have a sore head today 🙂  – all in all there was a significant amount of cash raised, and it was great to be able to take part in it (if anyone can recommend a good frame-maker for a shirt signed by this season’s squad, I could do with a number).

The raffle gave everyone who wasn’t drunk enough to bid £600 on a seat on the coach the chance to win something, with a cool range of prizes ranging from holiday vouchers to MOTs to bottles of booze.

10 memorable Years
That’s History that is!

The last bit of the evening before Luke kicked off the dancing had Tony Stratford being dragged back on stage to play We Know What We Are one last time, and it didn’t even seem to matter that he’d apparently forgotten how to play it.  I’m sure that the chants of You’re just a fat Rick Astley will live with him for years to come 🙂 .

From here on in, it was serious drinking and dancing time to the tunes of Luke Ashmead.  I left pretty soon after this bit started, so can’t comment on the rest of the evening, but I really had a great time.

Big shout-outs go to:

  • Luke  – you sir, are a gent and a scholar.  You made the evening, and you don’t get enough credit for what you do for us
  • Mark – fantastic event.  You can be very proud of what you created
  • John – great quiz – really good work
  • Winkie, Robbo, Lewie, John, Andrew and anyone else I haven’t mentioned from the club – thanks so much for coming along.  We’ll be talking about this one for many years to come
  • Everyone else involved in organising, ticketing, setting up, breaking down or doing anything else – thanks 🙂
  • Tony Stratford – thanks for letting me take your wife home with me.

A great night – roll on the next one.



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Upper Tier Tour

The Scoreboards are rather huge - Stadium:MKUpper Tier Tour

Just try saying that when you’re hungover!

Just a brief update from yesterday’s tour of the upper tier.  I’ll do it in words first, and then having failed majestically to recreate any of the genuine splendour, I’ll stick some photos up that will hopefully help.

It’s beautiful up there.  It really is.  The views are incredible for a start – it’s much higher than it looks from down below, it’s much steeper and it’s much, much bigger than it looks.  The concourse is so much bigger than I’d imagined it, so much so that it really makes it a different stadium to the one that I’d imagined.  In my head, the upstairs concourse was really small, with a bit of cramped concession space, but with no real space.  I’d expected that people would just head for their seats.  Looking down on the concourseNot so. Really, really not so.  There’s tons of space, and the clever bit is that none of it is in sight of the pitch, so the drinkers will be able to mingle with the rest of the world, instead of being hidden away behind closed doors.

The tours were well organised – there were probably three or four running at any one time, and our guide was really helpful. Answered every question, including which decade we might ever get to use the upper-tier, and didn’t rush us around at all.

We got to see the arena from above, though it’s still very difficult to work out what it’s going to look like when it’s done.  I asked about plans for permanent seating or staging, and the plan is that to keep the venue as multi-use as possible, so there are no plans for either.  It’s apparently the norm for promoters and the like to bring in everything themselves.

While we know it’s going to be a while before we get to use the upper-tier ourselves, it’s going to be a fantastic asset for Inter:MK and the community as a whole.  It’s beautiful.

Winkie and Clem
Winkie showing Clem what a lovely stadium we’ve got
What The East Stand Does - Looking Down on the Cowshed
What The East Stand Does – Looking Down on the Cowshed 🙂
I can see my seat from here
I can see my seat from here


Even up here, the disabled facilities are incredible
Even up here, the disabled facilities are incredible
Really looking down on the cowshed
Really looking down on the cowshed
Genuinely Massive Concourse
Genuinely Massive Concourse
The view from the back
The view from the back


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Historic Event


Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the night. The celebration of 10 years since the foundation of our supporters association, and it looks like it’s going to be a cracker. Highlights include:

  • DJ skills and breakdancing from Luke Ashmead
  • An intro from Winkie
  • Songs from Tony Stratford (the new song includes the words ‘boycott’, ‘plane’ and ‘bastards’)
  • Fantastic auction
  • Raffle (do any other countries do raffles?)
  • Quiz (serious prize – win a 42″ telly)
  • Chips

It’s in the players lounge from 7pm this evening, it costs next to nothing, and it’s sexier than Strictly Come Dancing.

More details here:


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It only took ten years

10 memorable Years
That’s History that is!

Ten Memorable Years: The Event

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

It’s been 10 years since The Dons first arrived in MK, and 10 years since the Supporters Association was formed.  It’s always a great idea to celebrate any major landmark (it’s all history you see 😉 ) and rather than just chant “It only took ten years” at other supporters who couldn’t give a toss, we decided it would be more fun to have a party.

At 7pm on Saturday 19th October, after the home match against Rotherham you (yes you!) get the chance to walk into the main hotel reception, turn left and spend an evening in the luxury that is the Players Lounge.

Included in the price of your ticket are

  • Music and dancing provided by none other than local legend Luke Ashmead (he may be a sc***** but he’s OUR sc*****)
  • A bar so you can drink stuff.  Before you get too excited, the bar is included in the price of your ticket – the drinks aren’t
  • Dean Lewington – I’ve no idea what he’s going to be doing while there, but I’m rather pleased that he’s going to be there
  • Food so you can eat stuff – the food is included in the price of your ticket
  • Live ‘entertainment’ from Tony Stratford (local tosser)
  • A prize quiz where someone will win a 42 inch Panasonic HD Television!
  • A prize raffle (does any other country have raffles or is it just us?)
  • An auction of fantastic sporting memorabilia including a “Heel of God” t-shirt signed by Jon Otsemobor, a pair of football boots worn and signed by player of the year Shaun Williams and a Wimbledon football shirt signed by the squad who played for the Dons during their first season in Milton Keynes. The stand out item however is the chance to travel with the management and team to an away match on the team coach with a complimentary ticket to watch the match.

Tickets are on sale now and for SA members they’re a stunningly low, less than a price of a half of flat lager in the red dot bar £3.50.  If you’re not a member, then worry not – you can still attend – you get two choices though.  You can just pay the still incredibly low, less than a quarter of a Dons Onesie £5.50 or if you’re feeling adventurous (and I think you should be – ten years remember) then you can pay the still rather low, less than the price of a Dons Pencil Case (probably) £8.50, and that will get you entry into the party and a full 12 months of membership to the MKDSA.

For more details (and by more details I mean the actual text rather than the crap I bastardised to make this post)  or to buy your tickets online (fancy eh?) then visit here.