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Who do you want in the next round and why?

 Answers we’ve received so far include:

  • Paul Harris says – “Watford – Luton fans will then be in a dialemma”
  • David Saunders says – “Carlisle away on the Monday night TV game, just to see if all those moaning about ticketing for the Chelsea game on Facebook show what ‘REAL FANS’ they are by selling out the away allocation.”
  • Sean Perry says – “Bletchley Colts. Reckon we could just about pull that one off.”
  • Jane Charlton says “Frankly if the the Dons don’t make an effort on Sunday , half of Milton Keynes will move to Turkey through shear embarrassment . Then it wont matter you they get in the next round or why .”
  • DannyKerr says ” all I want is our next FA Cup game NOT to be in the 1st Round”

Joke of the Week – 27/01/2016

Ladybit MooCamp Radio ShowWhat’s red and clear, and will stop flies getting in your teeth?

Windscreen Lewington

The Bovril Forecast 27/01/2016

And the forecast for this week is:-

The other team’s drink suddenly looks a whole lot more appealing, even though it’s had appalling reviews

Joke of the Week 002

Alright, well perhaps this is the funniest joke in the world:

The MooCamp Radio Show - Joke of the Week 002

Joke of the Week 001

The funniest joke in the world

The MooCamp Radio Show - Joke of the Week 001