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Franchise Watch 001

  • How do people actually come about to support MK Dons? Are they people’s second teams?
  • Yes, that or they are mongs.
  • Melton Keynes is not a new place anymore. They also have been reasonably successful since relocation. It’s good for MK
  • You are a ‘franchise in a fridge’
  • You can have you 30,000 seater,your rich chairman,your stolen club,and your fake fan base, little old @ntfc is priceless #outsold
  • No, you can’t buy class but all those years ago Woolwich Arsenal Franchise FC bought promotion #History
  • you had 3,000 more to MK than your average home attendance. Thank you for funding franchise FC ?
  • If you make this Bolton team look as good as Franchise FC did today you deserve to be relegated. Awful team, and fans.

The owner of the Heel of God

    • The owner of the Heel of God
  • Franchise FC are absolutely awful
  • Its always a good result for football when Franchise FC get beat.
  • Bolton, currently languishing in the fiery depths of dogbleep manage to do enough to stick it to Franchise FC. Bleep them. #AMF
  • Franchise history re-writers note – in 2003 ‘Wimbledon FC’ was already to be ‘MK Dons’. You were never Wimbledon.
  • Wishing you luck deciding who you most want to lose when MK Dons play Chelsea on TV in the next round, the MirrorFootball Top Five
  • mk dons vs afc wimbledon, the football equivalent of sugababes vs mutya keisha siobhan.
  • A trip to Milton Keynes will surely send Diego Costa back to Spain #bleephole #franchisefc
  • Franchise FC vs Chelski in the next round of the #FACup .The worst football fixture in history?
  • mk dons franchise scum.afc Wimbledon real dons always will be?
  • Doesn’t matter you still got beat by a pub team from Kingston you nonce (possibly the most cliché-ridden sentence in Franchise Watch History)
  • MK Dons are a franchise from Wimbledon in the same way (Woolwich) Arsenal are from Woolwich.
  • Arsenal Franchise Club – The Original MK Dons – If the M1 was open in 1913 they’d have moved to Leicester or Northampton, Kent not London
  • A grotesquely manufactured franchise representing all that’s wrong with football versus MK Dons.
  • Lovely bunch of fans they are at MK, unlike those at that franchise club Afc.
  • @TheMooCamp something tells me you don’t have a life

This Just In 001

Green Lewington
Green Lewington

This just in – in preparation for this Saturday’s eagerly awaited ‘Battle of the Baldocks’ at Stadium Colon MK, Dons supremo Andrew ‘call me Andy’ Cullen today announced the latest in his now legendary line of big days out.  Never one to miss an opportunity to get even a single extra bum on one of our many empty seats, Andrew announced that Saturday’s match would be renamed as ‘Baldocks’ Big Day Out’.  Anyone who is able to prove to box office staff that they’re yet another Baldock brother will be entitled to reduced price entry, a free 1/32 scale model of the left ankle of one of the brothers (it doesn’t matter which brother, oddly enough their ankles are identical) and a freshly washed burger.

More on this once we’ve established just what we wash our burgers in.

Who do you want in the next round and why?

 Answers we’ve received so far include:

  • Paul Harris says – “Watford – Luton fans will then be in a dialemma”
  • David Saunders says – “Carlisle away on the Monday night TV game, just to see if all those moaning about ticketing for the Chelsea game on Facebook show what ‘REAL FANS’ they are by selling out the away allocation.”
  • Sean Perry says – “Bletchley Colts. Reckon we could just about pull that one off.”
  • Jane Charlton says “Frankly if the the Dons don’t make an effort on Sunday , half of Milton Keynes will move to Turkey through shear embarrassment . Then it wont matter you they get in the next round or why .”
  • DannyKerr says ” all I want is our next FA Cup game NOT to be in the 1st Round”

Joke of the Week – 27/01/2016

Ladybit MooCamp Radio ShowWhat’s red and clear, and will stop flies getting in your teeth?

Windscreen Lewington

The Bovril Forecast 27/01/2016

And the forecast for this week is:-

The other team’s drink suddenly looks a whole lot more appealing, even though it’s had appalling reviews

Joke of the Week 002

Alright, well perhaps this is the funniest joke in the world:

The MooCamp Radio Show - Joke of the Week 002

Joke of the Week 001

The funniest joke in the world

The MooCamp Radio Show - Joke of the Week 001